[PROPOSAL] Support Avatar Gameplay as a Means of Increasing Immersion

(Kyon Rheyne) #83

Aside from giving you much more immersion and variety (as current Eve’s universe seems extremely monotonous/boring to the eye, a cold totally generic in all directions place I just can’t feel I belong to), it could have some really neat things packaged with it. Like, a different kinds of gambling activities tied tightly to in-games mechanics (what is not possible with 3rd party sites where you can make bets with isks I know exist). Like, how about a poker match with sov claim or citadel ownership at stakes? Or how about playing mahjong with your titan alt as a stake? There also could be some simple dueling system (on foot, not in the ship) with its own mechanics totally different from the usual “submarine ships” mechanics, so you could have some rest from it a bit - with the same ability to make a stake with your Eve’s assets, and ensure you’ll receive it if you’ll win. It also could bring some tools to reach those certain players who stay docked most of the time, hiding from righteous retribution from their foes, at last (judging from early WiS trailers they indeed planned something like this, as there was a scene of assassination inside station)

You can come up with tons of content which will “lure” people into this system. You can also implement it in such way that those people won’t need to dock to participate. We are in a distant future, so virtual reality is the thing. You can grind your rocks at belt for hours while walking in virtual station room, among those who are physically present there, or, say, lore may say you sort of using a temporary remotely controlled clone for that, similar to what DUST mercs used. So inside of your main client’s window you would just have another WiS window where you would be able to walk around and play poker while autopiloting along 30 jumps route through hs.

Tons of options, they just needed to actually try.

(Jack Carrigan) #84

What it essentially boils down to is the project was attempted, and failed.

The reason it failed is well, the microtransactions, the use of an aging engine, the fact that there was no content established with it.

And then there is the three outlooks on this:

The “I DON’T WANT IT BECAUSE SPACESHIPS” group: These are the ones that are more likely to sit and insult anyone who comes up with something that isn’t directly spaceship related, and spit hate and vitriol at just about anything that doesn’t include making it easier to mine their space in Rorquals.

The group that supports the premise: This group, even when in disagreement with one another about varying facets of WiS, whether or not it would add content, etc, all seem to agree that it would breathe a new life into the game, creating a more immersive environment, and would actually attract a new demographic of roleplayers, and allow for more support of those weirdos.

The group that just doesn’t care: Self explanatory.

But, I don’t really foresee it being tried again mainly due to the caustic nature of the first group, despite the discussions and requests of the other groups, at least not for quite some time. You have to admit, even with the CQ being limiting, it was kind of cool to see how big your ships were in comparison to a human.

I would personally like to be able to walk around my storage hangar and see the collection of items I’ve collected over the years, the crates of ammunition, and then walk down to the bar, throw a song on the jukebox, have a beer, smoke a cigarette and play a hand of poker with some friends.

(Mr Lopez) #85

I had high hopes for the feature myself and when they officially cancelled it I unsubbed that day. I Recently only came back because my brother wanted to give it a go… He left too after realizing he was in a spaceship coffin like forever… He wondered why bother having avatar customization as the first game step when you never really use them except for chat bubbles. And not being able to paint your ship set him off as well… (skins don’t count)

I am subbed again but I am a lot more skeptical as to new feature implementation… It may be the wrong view but I’m waiting to see what they are planning long term before I sink my roots in again. Que training online continues…

(Nana Skalski) #86

Watching what they are working on, I would say other games.

(Yiole Gionglao) #87

Other companies/careers, actually.

(Jennifer Austin) #88

Here’s what I would love to see when it comes to this you be able to get off your ship because if you look at the front of any mining ship mostly I pay attention to because

I spend so much time and then they have ladders already so therefore they were meant to board it and meant to be got off of why not make the ship more Interactive in that way and have the station like you said a place where you could if you ever looked at

Star Citizen they have like stack capsules you log into and you climb out of and you have like a closet and it doesn’t matter where you spawned wetherton your ship most ships have beds it could easily be done it’s a matter of CCP wanting to do iT

I think they really failed and they took the Captain Quarters out they could have improved it in so many ways they could have used the TV and made YouTube integrated anything and everything is possible

(Ichinumi Tsukaya) #89

well on the plus side that dude confirmed one universe, one war is still a thing.

maybe we’ll have walking in stations for real one day.

(Irene Maricadie) #90

Bring back Captain`s Quarters!

(Jack Carrigan) #91

Would love to see it come back as it increased immersion even with the locked door. One day…

(Ajax Oriki) #92

I like to imagine it’s physically impossible for a capsuleer to leave their capsule, the clone’s muscles are atrophied to the point that they are completely reliant on their pod for survival. Adds an interesting dystopian sci-fi feel I think. In universe, Capsuleers are feared and respected but never envied.

Have you ever noticed in the capsule death screen the clone looks almost fetal. I like to imagine that’s what actual capsuleer clones look like, the display pictures are projections of what the capsuleer might look like based on their actual genetic code.

In more practical terms, you’re talking about implementing an entirely separate game engine purely for cosmetics. I’m actually on CCPs side on this one not being economical. Also, this was actually done before and you know what happened? People used it for 5 minutes said “Oh cool” then literally never touched it again. Probably cost several hundred thousand in production costs.