Proposal - To show profit and loss info with game when manufacturing/Inventing

Currently I need to use spreadsheets and manually input data in order to determine costs for manufacturing. I would like to see something within game that allows you to track/allocate costs against a particular project.

I was thinking about how this could be implemented and was thinking that each character could have multiple, re-nameable “tags” that is similar in design to what the corporation wallet is now (in terms of being how to name them, but you donthave to be in a corporation to do it). Then as you purchase items be those from contracts, multibuy or individually bought you can select that named tag which would then be searchable so you can see how much that item cost you and whether or not you made profit on it, like a P&L list I guess. Once all that item has sold you can delete all the entries and start afresh for a new item.

For example, I create a tag called “Inferno Rockets” and a buy a BPO (or a BPC) from contracts or the market. I can tag that purchase with “Inferno Rockets” and it will show that purchase as a cost against that tag. If I buy a BPO I research it to 10/20. The costs of that research are placed against the tag too.

Once researched I invent and all the datacores and costs associated with that go against the tag. Once invented all the costs for buying the materials as well as all the factory job costs etc go against it too, and finally when put on market those sales can have that tag so once the whole batch is done and dusted you can see what your overall profit and loss was. This tag can be easily unselected for items you do not wish to track in this way.

The tag could be chosen from a drop down and you can also untag something should you make a mistake. It wouldn’t be a wallet as such and no money can go in and out it is simply a record of costs out and money in recorded against a tag that can be named and searched against to give an accurate breakdown of profit and loss.

I hope that I’ve explained that sufficiently.

The idea is to save on out of game spreadsheet that require manual updating and give you a more accurate profit and loss when manufacturing.

@Steve_Ronuken what are your thoughts?


This is a good idea. However, I doubt this would be high on CCP’s to do list. You may try and run it by some CSM candidates to see what they think, but to get this as an in game tool, it’s a long shot at best.

This would also be good for tracking expenses or income related to programs, like SRP. I have had players in the past who wanted to run a program, but also required a wallet division and I’ve shut them down on the basis of there being a hard coded limit.

I have tried to work around this with the ‘reason’ field and two wallet divisions. One wallet to make the actual transations. One wallet to transfer the entire sum of individual transactions to with a ‘reason’ entry. This is not forgiving of mistakes, but it does sort of do the trick.

I tagged one of the CSM members by editing the post, hopefully we’ll get his input

A previous corp I was in had an application that did this, i cannot recall it exactly as i had no dealings with it, but basically all killmalls listed against corp were shown and then SRP was given out periodically (i think once a week) to ships that qualified.

Frigates were 10m, cruisers 30m or something along those lines. Badly fitted ships were not SRP’d

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