Proposal: Using ships to swap ships while flagged as suspect

This needs to also flag the ship allowing the swap as suspect.
It is aiding the criminal as much as if they had shown up and used a repair system on it.


How often do you see this happening?

just lost a thrasher to it

before that I thought being warp scramed ment you couldnt swap ships like that
he was in a Sigil when i attacked, i thought it was weird, but figured he was suspect flaged for looting some suicide ganker’s kill, then the bowhead warped in onto him and he swaped ships to that thorax

as of this post, he is still doing it in Ashab

People have been doing that for years. If Bowhead pilot becomes suspect as well, he’ll just do it on the undock instead of gate. But I wouldn’t make him suspect, since that will just make people like him stop playing suspect games, and people playing suspect games in highsec are good content generators so I wouldn’t want to nerf their playstyle.

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Content should require skill
That your only defense is “well he’ll camp the station undock”
That’s fine, it puts risk to him in that while he’s blind, others join in
Vs the bowhead, he can just keep swapping ships or just drop them all in, abd warp off his pod and therefore risks nothing.
Between that and the lock breaks, it gives an excessive advantage to him.

And that is the bigger issue with many of Eve’s players; a lack of understanding of game mechanics which leads to stupid suggestion, nerfs and just general asshattery…

Iirc if and when he engages he will not be able to change ship, just like jumping gates in combat (more or less).
And SO, the suspect baiter can also be baited, you will see a few losses on lucifas kb.

In summary kids, dont be stupid and shoot at people if you dont want to lose your ship :slight_smile:

Or better yet, shoot anyway, laugh, bait, try to get revenge, PLAY.
You only lost a cheap thrasher ffs.

I do think its bull though how it is a way to lose lock on a ship though. Someone can be engaged pointed, switch ship which breaks lock and then run.

If that was true, CCP would need to remove all missions from highsec …
… and mining in highsec would need to be removed as well.

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Aww, there I was thinking it was the Eve players who preyed on those with a lack of understanding of ‘well hidden’ game mechanics, cause they certainly wouldn’t ‘get away with it’ in anywhere else but high sec.

I see no difference between this and can flipping, which has been nerfed/removed from the game, for ‘reasons’. CCP removed Capital ship combat refitting too, cause that was bad (Fake Edit: “We feel that it’s essential to the fitting game, and all combat in the game, that you have to make commitment to decisions.”, emphasis mine), but you can switch out an entire hull (and all the mods) and totally avoid this commitment. :expressionless:

I guess what I’d like to see is some consistency from CCP… but yes I do realise this is probably asking for way too much.



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