Hisec Suspect Hunting?

I was skimming the E-Uni article, and I was curious how many people still actively do this. In my earlier days I always treated a flashy-yellow skull in HiSec as a trap, but I’m naturally paranoid. Is this still a good form of low-level/practice PVP?


People do it. The people that do it seem to have fun, too. Mostly in crowded systems where baiting is happening.

Always shoot the flashy yellow people

There, a worthy target for your suspect hunt. He regularly baits with his Sigil.


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Flashie yellows are usually noob griefers, they are only halfway to red flashy. They are often AFK and fit their ships poorly. The best thing you can do when you see a yellow flashy is start shooting and wreck him, that way he learns we won’t tolerate that kind of behaviour in highsec. Its an easy kill for you, and they often have a big bounty for extra bonus isk.


Took down my first flashyyellow last night:

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Alright, the last one turned into something weird, hopefully someone can give me some insight.

Was camped out at Dodixie, watching for flashies. There’s plenty of traffic, a few people just sitting around outside. One was a Scorpion. They’d been totally idle for about an hour, then went suspect. Then did absolutely nothing, just let us take her down.

Well, apparently this is all this person does. They hang out somewhere, for some reason go suspect, and just let themselves get blown up.

Anybody uh… got an idea?

Edit: On further review, I think this is a rather bizarre bot. Every fit is the same for several pages on Zkill, including cargo.

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:wink: The mystery and intrigue is what makes EVE worth playing.


Oh, I feel silly. It’s someone farming killrights. They’re back in the same spot with a killright available for 198mil.

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Are you gonna buy it?

Hm… I think I might pass? Already got that trophy once.

I think you should buy it. It’s a good bargain.

Nah, I’ll just hang out until someone else does. Seems cheaper.


Would like to report that I had undocked an Orca named Maggie and sat on an ice belt with my drone out while I went and made dinner last night.

Eve friends,

how does the suspect baiting thing work?

ie…you go suspect in a bestower or whatever, someone shoots you, but how do you jump in a combat ship fast enough to attack back?

looking at the zkill link above for Lucifers Son - LuCiFAs Son | Character it looks like he attacks straight after the target shoots the hauler - how is that possible? cloaked alt next to the hauler that ejects? alt warp in?

Tell me your internet secrets!

I would think that most times in Highsec and at around 150km off gate a bait ship could be in fact could be fitted to handle most fights with the risk of losing the ship. Est, 250m-500m fitted.

Then once the trap had been sprung the bait ship would go at it like in a normal 1v1 duel with the attacker and while tackled, a fleet of cats warp in and help pop the attacking ship.

My guess is that the pilot who took the bait felt that they could take on the bait in the first place.

Other than that I think there is a way to bait pilots from stealing loot from events etc.

There certainly is, lost a few salvage heaps to a couple

Though my Sunesis hasnt been caught out yet

So we bait other pilots into 1v1 pvp or we straight out play cat and mouse =)

He uses an alt with a Bowhead, swaps ship once attacked.

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