Jetcan mechanics 2018: Please explain

I, and my main alts, are looking at HiSec for PvP content, after a long time in LowSec.

  1. I steal loot from a high sec mission runner, going yellow. So far, so good.
  2. The mission runner in his juicy (and drone-free) battlecruiser cries in local for his damsel/militant/etc back so he can complete his mission. Excellente.
  3. I jettison said item, expecting him to go yellow on picking up my can. I circle in my velator of death, finger posed on the trigger.
  4. Instead he picks up the item, does not change security state, and flies off.
  5. To makes things worst I get thanks, in a local full of mission runners…

Is that the current mechanics: a high sec inhabitant can just go and steal a jet can from anyone who is criminally flagged, just like that? How do I go about baiting? Just shoot MTU’s all day in the hope someone will actually take on my venture/velator? Let me know what I did wrong.

Anyone who whines about HiSec not being safe enough should go and spend a week or two trying to get a fight there…


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This is the saddest topic I’ve read on these forums.


Lol. Yes, all belongings of suspects and criminals are free for all to take, as long as the timer runs. You have to be smarter for highsec PvP nowadays.


anyhow if he has security on green he wont take it.

What is so bad about it?

Good guy Greg giving the stuff back :smile:

You’re trying to pick a fight with someone who doesn’t want a fight. Can you see where you’re going wrong?

Why are you exclusively trying to fight people who don’t want to and are not equipped to fight?

That’s the definition of “elite PvP”


The spaghetti code oversights from earlier years allowed for criminals to get away with that but not anymore.

All I see is a thief (in game) crying that his bait failed xD who is crying now?


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