Prospektor Schipplock for CSM 15

Eve is a game where every player can make an impact. I have been playing since 2008, so I can look back on 12 years of gaming experience.

Since I am also working as an application developer and had more or less success with my video projects, I would like to influence CCP, although I have done so indirectly in the past.

Since 2008 CCP received inspiring letters again and again (some with more than 20-30 pages) - with which I had more or less impacted the Eve Community.

It may be that my group membership in the TopGameMedia Crew, a group of selected individuals, who together make machinimas of games that, in our opinion, should be promoted, has contributed to the fact that I would like to develop more in the area of propaganda. But, in general, I would like to say that my belonging to the Goons does not necessarily mean " Oh my God, another Goon" to you. This development could have been turned around many, many years ago, in principle it was my decision at that time to turn my back on the game or to start over again. Luckily, it was an easy choice, but as EVE is, quick success doesn’t last, and entities in the game don’t begrudge you success, which is why a few years ago, the Goonswarm ways split, and we did our own thing. Located in the EU Timezone in the German speaking countries, I would like to give you the opportunity to choose someone with motivation, who represents the interests of the Industrial Group, as well as the Miner (because we know how the opinion towards Miner is ingame on the part of the PVP people).

And I also represent the rights of the NPCs who are slaughtered en masse without consequences. This martyrdom must stop. Of course I do not strive for galaxy-wide peace, because that will not exist, based on the fact alone that humans - no matter if Amarr, Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar - are simply a warlike race. Yet there are greater enemies out there, and what about our origins? Don’t we want to reconnect with our ancestors and go in search of our home ?

What happened to the people who were interested in research, knowledge and prosperity ? Have we all become murdering figures looking at statistics, without a soul of our own ? Where are the people who stand up and say, this is our game, and CCP we want a game that should not necessarily be easy and understandable for everyone, because exactly for this reason we decided to play the game. We love it hard, we love it challenging. Isn’t that what it means to us to not give up? To continue where others don’t even take the hammer in their hands ? Think of me as your tool and we will shape EVE the way we want it to be. Where everyone can have their own corner, where everyone is welcome, even if it’s sometimes enhanced by pressing the F key, and where we can compete in a game that’s second to none. To make you understand with what love I go into this game, here are some selected trailers of my work. (even if some are not yet completed)

CDIA-Style like Recruitment Video
Triglivian inspired Video
My thoughts to RMT and selling Chars…
Are you SPECIAL ?

I would really like to bring EVE, in all its facets, closer to the audience. Whether it be ingame live reports on current events, like the live action cams as we know it from the Americans when one flees in his car from the police… I also have my in-game story, with all its sunny and shady sides, but I’m willing to take this game to where it belongs. Support me by choosing me as your underdog. Thank you very much for reading…


Let’s not forget you even got kicked out of a rent corp for being so incompetent. NOWAY! Forget it.

I’m not sure why you’d need a CSM position in order to be able to do this.

interesting that you have to post with an alt… hiding behind your main - do you ? To that point with that renting corp. Yes we couped our CEO. But we also get couped also, we was 3 Directors. And if someone else tells you a different story, you maybe ask the persons, who got impacted by that.

If Authistic persons, get attacked by a CEO, being a human, its a point to act. If you dont see that so, just stay, and keep that all…

Also if some other guys, being not that “normal” guys, defined by our culture - gets attacked, by their disabilities. Well, then you can say, i am incompetent.

Maybe i should pick up the historical nationalism maze and kill ourself. - right ? Because, of our disabilties, we are not worth to live - rigth ?

to be honest, i don’t. But - i think it sounds more democratic, if i do ?

I think it sounds like a waste of a CSM position.


Nobody is perfect. So do i. Maybe i am just that f***cked up person you even cant imagine. Maybe i am the guy, who never gets on the top. But thats the reason, why i am talking here, because, i am the voice of that unheard.

If you dont get that point. Well, go ahead, talk to someone else. So if you still here, If you think its a waste of a CSM Position, then maybe i have to kill myself right ? Its just better for all - right ?

But you never get me to that point ! Even if some of my old character lift their masks in EVE Teasers, and the whole world knows me then.

I am not that evil you think, but if you still think i am that evil person, you even cant imagine, just pray to your lords, or whatever, that you dont get touch by any letters in my sentences. Because they are evil.

Now you’re just rambling about off topic things.

You’ve convinced me to not consider you as a candidate for CSM 15. You don’t appear to have the mental faculties necessary to handle the position.

Have a good day.

Only one day ? cool. I wish you a nice life, and a afterlife after that. I never said, that i have the mental faculties to handle that holy position of being a CSM Member.

Thats the reason why i am here. Because i am a shizophrenic badass, playing that same game, like you. And sorry, that i am here. playing YOUR game… wasting MY time… try to send you love with lazors, and other colors, of your favor.

But its ok, just judge me, because i am not in the mental faculties - even if you dont know me.

And - for the peoples staying here in the channel reading that.

Yeah, i am going to be bittervet. And yes, i am really pissed on. Not by the game, by myself. Because i wasted so much time in a game, where i possible could use in my reallife better, - getting better programming, or earning so MUCH more money.

But really, after a neardeath experience, does that all matter ? Isnt that time you have, not better used, in being more social. Try harder ? Never give up ?

And is that not something, that defines us as eve players ? Adapt or die ? - why not Change or die ?

And i dont wanna be a polarized in here. I just, try to achieve my own personal freedom here. Flying around, miner, produce, and whatever. But i played eve a long time now. And i also know its depths of social interactions.

And if i had an impact, i do it wrong. Also i tried to flatten that impact, by contacting the needed persons.

Ignoring me, saying - “why dont you even tell us that before ?” - i already tried. I am not here to judge. I am not here to persuade someone, I am just here, - a leap in the wind of time, - telling a story. thats all.

And the Story about that NPCs… Have you ever tried to calculate, how many of them you killed them “by fun” ? just to make some ISKies ?

Thats the whole point behind Triglivians. Because this time, they are going to collect YOU.

Is that Bread and Circus Games, still working ?

… dude are you okay?

i am here yes :slight_smile:

To clarify that all. I am just a huge roleplayer.

And i cant imagine, that in 20-40k years of evolving we are just that dumb ass - killers, working for the same war mechanics that just even driven, that industry and enslaves the humanity.

I am more spiritual. I maybe have to. Being not “normal” for someone else. i am faced since a long time.

And yes, i hate that, got judged by persons, not even know me a little bit.

maybe i picked just the wrong race… Caldari is not that good option for being spiritual :slight_smile:

And to break a lance for all that CCP Trailers Creators. You dont even know how much Time so a Video takes. You watching 2 Minutes of a video - and its a lot of bloodspill work in it. For example the CDIA File Video i did, was 160 Hours of work …

But hey, just consume, ignore that fact, that CCP has to pay its employees. Crying around the nerfes an “IT-based Company” do, because YOUR game is going to be bad now, because you cant enjoy “winning”.

What is that ? Is that, what humanity needs to be ? Winning what ? And if your Critism can answer that question, then i am listening and start talking to you.

Your campaign is interesting, however you really need to make it look more professional.

And sorry to say, you really need to work on your English.

Nobody can take you seriously when your sentences don’t seem to make sense.

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Thanks Dante - for your honest reply. I know my english is bad. Maybe i should write it in numbers. Or triangles, or whatever.

I do not want to apologize, what i meant and if that functionality is not implemented in that “future” version of eve, i can’t help eve.

Maybe we should focus on that first ? What do you think ? Maybe i am allowed to talk in german (but in that language i am bad too)… so ? 1000100001000010 ? Better ?

Maybe it’s really true that there are so many Omnibrains out there, I’m just handicapped, but if that’s not true, then I understand.

But if the EVE players are already upset about a red dot in their overview, then I can understand the mask problem (which is worldwide at the moment).

Maybe it’s really true that the imperfection is more what you should strive for. Or better the tolerance for it.

Eve is aesthetic. The Hyperion, great ship, the Rokh, wonderful.

What if we see these perfect things, driving against the wall every day ? or rather, in a beautifully animated explosion in space ?

Is that what happens to beautiful things? Because you feel ugly about yourself? lmperfect?

is that the pursuit of more? And is that the EVE effect?

Because if not in reality, maybe ingame?

Don’t you find it even more meaningful when even the weak are heard?

Like all the NPCS that have been slaughtered?

And yes, you could be S.P.E.C.I.A.L too :slight_smile:

To Clarify that a little bit… If you fly around in your spaceship, and see that Planet, on the right side, you arent able to recognize all that persons or better, lifeforms below there…

But shooting ships instead, with its crew is fun. Like - hey, i want to move faster to that other point of galaxy, ahhh deathclone it.

So is that the expectations of Life ? because on that point, that you dont like life that much you enjoy fleeing into a spaceship game ?

Well, there are friends out there, playing the game you like. This is the point we should focus. And we should focus on that what we can do best. To improve things.

But i see no improvement here for this non discussed behaviour of thinking… Remember the red dot phenomena.

Now, after you leaved your comfort zone, you may can accept the unfinished thoughts about that red dot.

But who you are to judge about that persons, having an unfinsihed idea ?

So i maybe not the best option for this game. Also because of my past. But … maybe i am able to connect some nodes in your heads. To think different about things…

And even if i do not win this shadow counsil. I had my impact. Thats all i wanted. Thanks for reading…

Ok, that NPCs in here, want me talk for them. After the Revenge of the Sansha Kuvakei, bringing Incursions into EVE - because of all the slaughtered Human Drones by the Empire, also other NPCs contacted me to give them a voice.

If you measure how many NPCs got killed by any of you players and brought that point to nearly perfection, is that the meaning of life, being a survivor ?

So when did humanity missed that point, to be a developer, a researcher ? in the deep unknown space ?

We are limited to our galaxy, other galaxies are to far away. There are wormholes, where we reach other spaces, influencing their space and impose your will to the space, which doesnt belong to you. Dont you see, that the space itself - being so harsh and not being the breeding ground for intelligent life - should show us, that life matters ?

Yes, we should know it better, that all forms of life, even it is anorganic or silicates, are maybe unknown lifeforms - and it should be respected as it is. A life in a box - in a box.

3d Space, or better 4D space, for peoples who read in timelines, is included in other dimensions, which does not mean, that the lower or higher dimensions have no impact to all.

So if you decide, to end a process, melt some ore, or kill an npc soldier, doing his job.

Have you ever tried to communicate with them ?

(ooc: I know this may sound unexpecting humorous, but beside the triglivian invasion or sansha incursion, we talk about a galaxy of life. We talk about 4 Empires, We talk about Trillions of Human Lifeforms, and we talk about the non so funny part, about destroying tons and tons of stuff.)

You could be immortal, deathcloning around, but for the most of the peoples there, working in mines, at the farms, on all that planets, in different conditions, - they do not have that “afterlife”.

They just dying. without a voice.

Also the Triglivians. I havent seen many pilot - flying a “ECHELON”, which is a impressive work of a spaceship. Did everone of you really tried to establish connections to the Triglivian or Sansha Race, knowing you are immortal in that ship ?

Try to establish connection ?

I really do not see that much pilots out there. So what ? Do we need a Mirror to see, what we are ?

And being that much agressive (ooc: i was at service too) - isn’t maybe the wrong “mindset” - to get in touch with different alien races - or ?

I mean, is that Life, destroying all the things in here ? Is that the meaning of Life ? Destroying things ?

I dont know.

(ooc: i know that shooting pixelships is fun, so do i, but i am getting old, and try different things now. If you vote for me, maybe the NPCs will have an update, or behave more like living peoples. There is so much more to achieve, in the worlds outside. No anomalies ? No new wisdom ? No new breakthrough discoverys ?

ooc: i think, EVE has the capability to be the first apporach of being a starfleet academy, where the combat part is only a discipline… Recording all that 3d Space Scenarios , using different ship types, maybe is a good approach from military side. And i really appreciate this, but, we also should implement in the game some different approaches, broaden the search parameters of human beings. Like the Project discovery - which has an impact in eve, and should do it in the future. But there is more. Why not making hacking more immersive, like real hacking. Why not making a “EVE University”, where you can learn all the stuff, you want to know from the universe. In real skillbased Tutorials, and, with knowledge, like an live ongoing encyclopedia, where you have an impact (like wikipedia), but for evestyle."

There are so many “Ideas, behind the scenes, behind every kind of skillpoint you can give in eve, that should be filled with fictional and real data, like a universe - where you are be part of the action.”

Isn’t that something you want be part of ?

Maybe you have some ideas as a child, some theory, cant proove that, - make fiction out of it. Send it to CCP, let them implement that into a "library of " (you will say ridicoulus) “Ideas…” - maybe some of that “Ideas bring it to real solutions…”

Dont be shy, dont be a dick, your ideas matters.

CSM 15 Campaing Video (FINAL)


Hey Prospektor,

i just read your interview from Jezaja (Google Translator) and have some Questions.

  1. How do you think you can represent your constituents when you don’t even have time to play EVE?

  1. As a CSM member, how would you like to try to solve these issues?


  1. What do you think of the latest updates from CCP and CSM 14 to the New Player Experience?

If I understand you correctly, you want to improve the marketing of EVE.

  1. Do you think this is the task of the player representation CSM?


  1. Did you publish the letter? 30 pages seems like a lot for the pain points you mentioned.

In the first part of your statement, you state that the monthly subscription fees are, in your opinion, affordable for all players and you don’t understand why players try to play for free.
With the transition to a Free 2 Play model, CCP 2016’s revenue increased by 30% to $86.14 million**.

  1. Are you aware of this fact?

Finally, a very general question:
If I read your statement like this, you seem to have more of a problem with the community or society than the game itself.

  1. Do you think you can make a positive impact as a CSM member here? and if so, how?

** Source:…-Umsaetze-2016-1222073/
Interview (Google Translator):

Hi Schipplock,

You mention several times that CCP “have received inspiring letters again and again” from yourself. You even say in the interview: “[du] MUSS nicht im CSM sein”.

I feel that if you were to share those letters with us, the community, then it would help us to understand your platform better. At the moment you don’t seem to have a solid plan and are, in fact, giving reasons to not vote for you.

i give answer, when i am finished with work ok ?


  1. Was that a question or a offense ?
  • There are many Possiblities to talk to me, like Forum, evemail, over voice. You may do not know me, or, well you better should know me as a ex member of one corp i was Co-Ceo in. But hey… its ok, i know your underdog role too, but why dont you candidate ? Having your lists, about Corporations, or ideas, or what ever you wanted to achieve…

Maybe you have too much time to play eve, i dont know ? maybe you are the better representant ? Don’t you think ?

  1. Its interesting, that i have to TRYING to solve some issues. I just make Options, Inspirations, etc…and maybe i am just to much self-assured. I’ve jumped off death’s rocker (in Real Life, not ingame). So why do you think i have to fear change ? And Data Gathering, with all of you Players to make the whole game better ?

  2. Ok, here you got me, sorry, i have some Real Life issues, i have to take care about. And maybe not that time, wasting it in EVE Online (and i really like eve, but i prefer to be more productive). Then, if you quote german Text, and translate it into english, you maybe not use the Google Translator.

The Pain Points in eve (the last sentence in your picture below), are that in the beginning, you are overwhelmed by all the information you got, you dont know how to play that game, and you have no idea, what you actually doing. (Getting better after several patches).

So please, if you quote me, do it right ok ?

  1. Once again, a agression to myself. Yes. If you dont think that EVE needs a better Marketing, or a better recoginition of EVE itself, then you maybe not good at marketing.

  2. I have several letters written to CCP, some i gave to CCP Guard at the Fanfest. Some i send per post (the old fashioned way, before emails are getting popular), maybe you are too young to understand this.

  3. You talking about leading a corporation, even if you dont have one. Do you ever was Independent ? Have you take care about your employees ? Do you have knowledge in how to run a REAL World Corporation ? There is a difference between turnover and profit. Not talking about accounting.

I do, i am a clerk (maybe not the best), it specialist, soldier, and not statisified with all the limit point of view and agressions by others…

  1. The thing here is, that most of the players, are maybe not so much involved with running a corporation or being a software developer. I just want to ensure, that the peoples get a different view from their perspective - and self reflect about their wishes.


I really would like to share that information NOW, but… maybe you recognize that picture here, as a confirmation, that i wrote this letters… but as a good person i do not want to spoiler (which i sometimes did a in a small circle).