Dear CCP,
If the rumor I heard is true the players of your game would owe you a debt of grattitude. A change so universally good its been begging to be made for years. The poor proteus has been literally unusable outside of extremely specific scenarios for so long we had given up. The debt we owed was paid in advance and the ■■■■ we’ve swallowed since has soured many players against you, but I choose to celebrate this refreshingly good change. Keep them coming.

*The plate change is mostly useless, but the drone bandwidth… Thats pure gold. Like finding a single golden kernel of corn in a seemingly endless river of ■■■■. I am happy about this change, but i recognize that everything is still covered in ■■■■. I am a little more hopeful overall though.

Not as good as the recent industry changes, though.

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