Provi-Bloc 1st Volunteers News Update

Aid to the Order of St. Tetrimon

It is with great honor to announce that the Provi 1st Volunteers will be assisting the Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur and the noble Order of St. Tetrimon in the construction of a Fortress-Monastery on Halturzhan. This is a mutual beneficial move. As this will provide great opportunity to gather valuable experience on thw construction of a Fortress-Monastery. We hope to take these skills and aid us in building our own Fortress-Monastery in our Capital system.

We are also sending several units of the Provi 1st Spaceborne Division. They will assist in the building process and also take this time to conduct joint training exercises with the Order of St. Tetrimon and the 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade. These are peaceful exercises that are not meant to be seen anything other than what they are. Training exercises meant to bring together in a spirit of faith and comradeship mutual fraternal warriors.

Provi 1st Welcomes Lord Ardishapur to the Mandate

House Ardishapur may notice that we came to its aid in the Campaign of Thebeka. The Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches have instituted policies in which we will come to the aid of any Amarr Loyalists if called upon. We have already been called upon numerous times by groups which usually are hostile towards us. Despite our past, the glory of the Amarr Empire is more important than trivial personality differences between groups.

In keeping with our oaths to fellow Loyalists and to the Empire we are honored to present an Honor Guard to aid in the protection of House Ardishapur personal while visiting the Mandate.

Planetary Production in the Mandate

As an army moves on its stomach so does the construction and aid workers in the Mandate. So the establishment of Ranches to raise livestock to help feed the Provi 1st as well as the builders of the Fortress-Monastery was an important endeavor to create.

There was early fears of possible tariffs and a building conflict between Imperial and Republic loyalists. Food stuffs was one of the first things that was considered important to build up and be self sufficient. Luckily peace talks between LUMEN and Darkar concluded favorably so this dashed fears of embargos.

Provi-Bloc members look to inject isk into the Mandate

LUMEN started to boost the economic status of the Mandate and have deployed a market. With this Provi-Bloc personal will hope to purchase goods in the Mandate and aid in the economic upturn of the area.

Hopefully this will have a two fold effect. The first will be the liquid isk injection into the region to create and economic boom. The second part would be that the goods purchased will aid Provi-bloc by having cache’s of security related ships to protect the mandate if the need arises and to continue to hunt pirates in the area.

Security Patrols in the Mandate nets 22 Billion Isk in enemy fleets destroyed

Provi-Bloc Pilots have increased patrols into the Mandate as part of ensuring the Mandate was secure and safe for the Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur.

While on Patrol our scouts located a Pirate mining fleet in Dysa. This Pirate group goes by the name of Purple Helmeted Warriors. They currently are invading our homeland of Providence in this 17 month long war. They were stealing the ore mineral wealth of the Mandate to be used in their war making efforts against the good people of Providence.

Our Pilots, like avenging angels brought righteous judgement upon them killing 3 Rorquals (valued over 20 billion) and various other ships. The true prize of the destruction was the repurpose of 9 excavator drones to the Alliance SRP with various other salvaged materials.

Spectre Fleet Declares war on Provi

Spectre fleet has attempted to unite Pilots from across the galaxy to attack the Providence Marches. Their written goal was the absolute destruction of CVA and their allies.

However, since their written declaration of NBSI vs NRDS rules of engagement war they have come to fight against the Providence Marches forces twice. The first engagement Provi bloc forces killed a carrier and mauled the enemy fleet sending them out of Providence.

The second such match up the NBSI fleet of Spectre even with “blue allies” on the grid were systematically destroyed by the Paladin Wardens of providence. Enemy forces lost over 11 billion isk in that engagement with little under 3 billion to the Paladin Warden Losses.

Capital Battle of KBP

Less than a week ago the forces of the invaders (Honorable Third Party, Purple Helmeted Warriors, Rogue Consortium, et al) met the Paladin Wardens of Providence in KBP7-G. The immediate reinforcements of Paladin Wardens ensured a clear cut victory on the field of battle for the sub-capital fight.

However, enemy allies of NullSechnaya attempted to drop over 20 capital ships in an attempt to sway the day and kill prized Provi-bloc ships. The counter drop of Provi-bloc dreads lead to over 20 dead enemy capital ships to only 1 Provi-bloc dread. With both sub-capital and capital fields won the loot was taken to replace any losses and donate to Coalition Ship Replacement Programs.

Zashev Incident

Some Paladin Wardens of the Provi-1st donated isk to ensure Amarr Loyalists got their hands on Zashev to ensure true justice to be done. Many pilots from Provi-Bloc oversaw the turn over of the infamous criminal.

Afterwards the Pilots of Provi-bloc with their allies escorted the criminal to the appropriate authorities in Sarum Prime. While many possible accusations have been leveled at the Paladin Wardens for their participation of the auction. We stand by our honor and our decision to ensure that Amarr Loyalists and none other had access to the prisoner. Plus to ensure the criminal be given a fair trail in which the truth of his crimes would come to light.

We were woefully worried that the prisoner may break out again or have outside allies come to his aid. Which was why we ensured his safe and secure arrival in Sarum Prime. Khanid fleets were seen entering the area. A brief stand off in which Loyalist and Khanid fleets looked across to one another. Finally Khanid ships started to break away and leave system.

Thank you again friends for reading the Provi-Bloc 1st Volunteers News Update. Until next time.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


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