Provi-Bloc: Task Force Paladin Deploys to Thebeka

(The screen turns on and before you stands a man with a military bearing with the racial features of a Gallente. Behind him is the Amarrian Flag. He seems to be looking down on the podium offering a silent prayer with his hand on the Pax Amarria before looking up.)

Amarr Victor! I am Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz of Corp 54, a part of Curatores
Veritatis Alliance. A Holder amongst Provi-Bloc coalition. I am here to announce the deployment of Task Force Paladin to the Thebeka system. Most importantly Thebeka III.

Her Sublime Imperial Majesty Catiz I has decreed that all loyal capsuleers with the capability to provide military and logistical aid shall direct such aid to the world of Thebeka III, where the need is most grievous. As Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches we remember our oaths to God, Empress, Empire, and the Margrave of the Providence Marches. We will answer the call to arms and defend our beloved Empire.

Our forces are to augment those of Lady Lady Mitara Newelle, Holder of Damnidios Para’nashu, as she is in command of the 1st Sarum Royal Army on Alkabsi IV. Our forces stand ready to deploy to Alkabsi if the need arises. Our forces on Thebeka will augment the forces of Governor Adila Numayr of Dam-Sertene.

Many of you are wondering what is the components that make up Task Force Paladin. As Task Force Commander of this force it gives me pride and distinct honor to introduce you to our battle hardened men and woman of Providence.
The 1st Spaceborne Division Volunteers is a Division of Spaceborne Paratroopers that stand ready to deploy from orbit anywhere on the planet in drop pods. Currently we have 48,000 Marines stationed in orbit ready to engage the enemies of the Empire at a moments notice. While this is a small force I foresee 10 times this amount or more to be deployed to this region of operation until pacification is complete. We have with this deployment an additional 155 Amarr and Caldari Light Infantry advisers. These numbers will continue to grow as the conflict continues as well.

The 1st Spaceborne Volunteers and made up of double volunteers. Each one of them volunteered to serve on a planetary defense force of some kind or citadel security force. They then volunteered a second time to have the honor of becoming a Spaceborne Paratrooper. These are steely-eyed Marines that have survived the horrors of the Pandemic invasions of Providence and its attempted genocide of the residents. Each member of this Army has lost family in that war. Their devotion to duty and honor is second to none. They have just finished pacifying 9UY of Legion left overs planet side. They excelled in rapid deployments across the planet. Landing in small groups they harassed and destroyed conventional forces while meeting up and grouping together with fellow paratroopers. These small gang tactics is also one of the stronger traits of Provi-Bloc space forces.
"The Lord loosed upon them his fierce anger
All of his fury and rage.
He dispatched against them a band of Avenging Angels"
- The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 10:1
Ladies and gentlemen the 1st Spaceborne are the Avenging Angels of Providence.

Fresh from this victory they hope to prove their honor and devotion to the Empress with this deployment. The men and woman of the Providence Marches are eager to show their Empire their worth!

The other unique element to the 1st Spaceborne Volunteers is the attachment of the 165th Military Intelligence Tactical Exploitation Battalion. This unit is primarily made up of Kameiras. Kameiras are Minmatar slaves chosen from the best stock as babies and trained from birth to be fighting machines for the Amarr Empire. These soldiers make up the 165th. Their mission is to infiltrate Minmatar terrorist groups inside Thebeka posing as escaped slaves. Their mission is to provide crucial human intelligence for operations on ground. The current numbers of Kameiras deployed is classified. However, what I can say it is an entire Battalion sized element. These men are trained to spot and assess locals for placement and access and befriend them.

Many of you may wonder about these Kameiras loyalty since they are born from slaves. I am of Gallente birth. My birth race is my shame as theirs is. Which makes us work even harder to prove our faith and service to God and Empire. As with the 1st Spaceborn the 165th is eager to purge the traitors from our realm. Not only are we to aid in the putting down of this rebellion. We are searching for the proprietors of this rebellion and those which fanned the flame of this insurgency.

I have also brought with me personal bodyguards. I will send these out to be the personal guards of key nobility of Thebeka. As shown before the terrorists have attacked noble families and holders of the Empire. The shameless attack on Queen Zidarez Khanid shows the depravity of this enemy. The gas attacks on innocent woman and children shows that these forces are vile to the extreme. As seen in the events at Ren Station. We are still looking into that incident to see if that possibly was a leak at a manufacturing location.

Finally the Space Force of the Provi Volunteer Space force is I believe a wonderful thing. Pilots in this operation will be SRPed at 100% of brought ships. These funds have not come from Alliance or Corps. Paladin Wardens have donated to this cause. Ships will be given upon arriving at location to get around pirates and possible wardec enemies.

My message to the fighting men and woman of Task Force Paladin is this “There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, cunning, obedience and alertness, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim.” “Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.”
- The Scriptures, Book of Missions 71:21

To the people in Thebeka. My message is this. You will find no greater friend and no worse a enemy than my marines. To the enemies of the Empire, runaway slaves, rebels, and traitors I have this to say. “I come in peace. I didn’t bring Dreadnaughts or Titans. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you mess with me or my marines, I’ll purge you all. Bow or burn there will be one less traitor in this world today.”

Amarr Victor, Ave Providence,

Very Respectfully,

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz, Commander of Task Force Paladin.

          (Screen Cuts off and returns to the scheduled program)

TL;DR from your friendly SoERR Diplomacy for dummies:

CVA: For historical reasons we feel like we should do something too, so we’re sending some drop troops. Possibly some ships too but I have a lot less detail on that. We also have a lot of isk, and we are cocky enough to think an actual freaking heartland planetary government will care about our personal troops. Amarr victor, death to freedom fighters &c and so forth.
Everyone else: …


Uh. No. Sorry. Lady Newelle never had command of 1SRA. She placed Para’nashu regiments under my command on Alkabsi, with OPCON given to 1SRA.

Also, if you’re coming to augment, you’re far too late. The battles are over. Most of our regiments are consolidating to retrograde. I made an announcement regarding this. They really need you on Thebeka, though. Like, some Hard Corps needing. The longer this goes on, the more people are going to die. This insurrection is a spinning blender that you have to stop. It sucks to reach in with your hand, but your only real choice is to just shove it in and grab a hold til it stops.

I don’t know what they’re doing on Thebeka, but they need to remember that speed and violence of action are called for. Locate, close with, and destroy the enemy.


Seriously, get those troops to Thebeka.

Has CVA actually declared war on any of the Matari forces present?

I got some guys who’re keenly interested in the answer.


That’s…a really important question, yeah.

I would advise that ‘neutral support’ as a plan by CVA might tempt disaster given the spread.

I realize I’m understating a bit.


No pending wars for any forces I’m aware of.

CVA struggles for relevance, more at 11.


Cool story, bro.

Also, you’d better be worried about which bored null entity is planning to steamroll Provi next than concern yourselves with Amarr high sec. Just saying.

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CVA I actually hesitate to mock. I have quite genuinely never seen such tenacity out there in null before. Provi has burned time and time again. Provi rebuilt time and tme again. They’ve fought some of the most powerful and numerous alliances in New Eden and they’ve never, to my knowledge, gone down without a fight. They hold Providence. What exactly do we hold? -KYN-? Electus Matari? Ushra’Khan? What kind of capital fleets could we field all put together? How far do you think we would get invading and trying to take Providence?

Mock them if you will. They’re easily outmatching every last poster in this thread with the possible exception of Arrendis.

Relevance? They’re a damn sight more relevant than any of us.
Just consider yourselves fortunate they aren’t coming in force. There is no one in Thebeka that could stand for longer than reinforcement timers protected them.


I’ve told you time and time again I don’t give a ■■■■ about nullsec forces. If you do, then do.

Keep us out of this. I have zero interest in these comparison games either way.




When they’re starting to flex in highsec around the planet where my people are fighting for their freedom and lives, you should probably start caring.

This is very true, and nothing I say should be taken as mocking CVA or Provibloc as a whole. They have long been one of the few groups who have understood what it means to live in their space, to build up sufficient infrastructure and industrial capabilities to occupy that space, and to make an effort to stabilize and (dare I say) civilize their space.

Three years ago, we invaded to test the (then) new Entosis systems, and Provi gave us every millimeter of fight we could hope for. They may not have the numbers to hold against a sustained, intentional invasion by one of the large blocs, but they’re tough as nails, even in defeat.

Their biggest weakness comes from openness—their NRDS policy makes it far too easy to seed their space and fleets with an invader’s agents and eyes. It also makes it easy to exploit Provi’s other big weakness: disunity. If CVA could really solidify Provibloc, they’d be far harder to evict, even temporarily.


You’re part of the events around Thebeka. If you prefer not to be talked about, don’t be a huge part of the public discussion.

Welcome to the fight, Paladin Warden Saltz. It has been a pleasure to see our old allies in the CVA willing to return to their roots and help the homeland of their founders and ideals. May this usher in a new era of cooperation between the Excubitoris and the forces of Providence, and the Empire and the Marches.


I have to agree with this to some extent. Warring in hisec is very different from warring in nullsec, or even lowsec, as has been illustrated to us very recently.

Proficiency in one should not imply proficiency in the other.

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I’m especially keen to see them field capital fleets in Thebeka. (Since Mizhara apparently saw them fit to be included in their might, regarding this situation.)

CVA has at times been seen in highsec during important events announced by their nation. In triple digits worth of navy battleships. At some point, numbers suddenly take on a quality of their own, and they’re hardly incapable of wielding those weapons. They’ve flown pretty much everything under the stars in their years and years of fighting the most numerous and skilled entities in New Eden. I mention our comparative lack of capital fleets and capability as an illustration of resource disparity.

I genuinely don’t understand this need to trivialize them, pretending that they’re not a force to be reckoned with should they decide to take this situation seriously. It’s entirely possible this is the extent of their involvement, and in that case we’re just fine. I just find the sheer vehemence, dismissal and mockery on display towards this entity that is quite genuinely vastly stronger than the rest of the participants combined…

… well, rather dishonest and childish. The insecurities of the highsec bound on flagrant display, desperate to dismiss them in order to avoid having to face their own comparative amount of wimp.

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Honestly, I’m doing this because your starry eyed adoration of everything nullsec is just adorable to watch, more than anything else. Maybe you should go back there since you love it so much.

Speaking of “sheer vehemence, dismissal and mockery.”

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