Dispatches from Thebeka

(Gaven Lok'ri) #1

Attn: Chapter Master and Lord Admiral Gaven Lok’ri

Dear Cousin,

I have the honor to be your obedient servant and report that the Legio III Amarr has made the transit to the Thebeka staging point with few issues. The Legions’ active strength is currently five Solaria that have been recruited from Oris and Amarr. After the attack on Lady Varaz, we have had a significant increase volunteers from Jad-Gheinok, and two of the five Solaria consist of Volunteers primarily from the Varaz holdings. These formations are new and untested, but they seem highly motivated and have taken to their training.

We have received word from Legate Arrach Sarkal of the 1st Classiarii that the landing zones for the third Legion have been cleared, and expect that we will be in position to make our landing in the next several hours.

I remain your servant and cousin,
Legate Miriam Lok’ri, Legio III Amarr

(Gaven Lok'ri) #2

Attn: Legate Arrach Sarkal

Legate, the Dresi Rapid Response has met a heavy pocket of armed resistance at sector A21. We have them pinned from this side but cannot press further without casualties. If you could detach a solaria to sector B21, their retreat will be cut off and we can call in the fire support to neutralize the armed threat.

Your obedient servant,
Solaria Commander Darios Sharbara

(Gaven Lok'ri) #3

Attn: Chapter Master and Lord Admiral Gaven Lok’ri

Dear Cousin,

I have the honor to be your obedient servant and report that the Legio III Amarr has made planet-fall as of 09:00 today. We are in communication with the local authorities, our HQ is established, and our Griffin standard is online and broadcasting.

The 1st Jad-Gheinok Volunteers and the 1st and 2nd Lok’ri Regulars are currently advancing to relieve the Legio XII Zakara, which has been in constant contact with hostile forces for the last 12 hours. They report few casualties and have made steady progress towards the objectives given to the Excubitoris chapter. They have, however, reported multiple encounters with groups of armed hostiles, some of which required the use of limited fire support to eliminate without Excubitoris casualties. It is unclear, as of yet, where the slaves acquired the weaponry.

As we discussed before the deployment, any unarmed threats have, whenever possible, been subdued rather than eliminated, though the clear effects of the chemical agent affecting them has made this difficult and there have been multiple instances of lethal force being required to deal with mob attacks.

At this point, the 1st Dresi Guard has taken a defensive stance around several large groups of rioters that were kettled by the Legio XIIs advance. Given the sophisticated education that many of the slaves in this region possess, we are hoping that they can be subdued relatively peacefully once the chemical agent wears off or is countered. The Guard has set up a cordon and are broadcasting religious messages and messages informing the rioters that they will be allowed to peacefully surrender. I have assigned the 4th Amarr-Prime Infantry to supporting the defensive cordons around these pockets while the 2nd Jad-Gheinok Volunteers are assigned to establish support infrastructure for housing and treating any subdued or surrendered victims of the terrorist attack. I will continue to keep you updated as the situation develops.

I remain your servant and cousin,
Legate Miriam Lok’ri, Legio III Amarr

The Legio III Amarr, before deployment.

(Shaikar) #4

Attn: Solaria Commander Darios Sharbara, Dresi Spearhead

Commander, Order of St Tetrimon forces have arrived in orbit and are commencing deployment. Nearest elements will be in sector C24. Establish contact with the Tetrimon forces there for local coordination; they will have their own orders and objectives to achieve.

The 1st Oris Infantry has been despatched to reinforce your current position.

For the Empire,
Legate Arrach Sarkal, Legio XII Zakara

(Shaikar) #5

= Personal Log =

On stag. Lunatic tried to blow the checkpoint up with an improvised carbomb; perimeter scans picked up the device before it was in position but she blew it before it could be cleared.

The refugees closest stood no chance. 9 dead and 26 wounded, poor bastards.
Wounded patched up best we could and sent on for rescue, dead tagged and buried and the road cleared.

The heavy rain tonight is a blessing.

Paladin-Aspirant Barushi Orilah

(Shaikar) #6

Attn: Legio XII Zakara


I am honoured to report that control of our pacification space has been officially handed over to the local Ardishapur forces, bringing to a successful conclusion our first first campaign since integration into the Excubitoris Chapter of Order of the Sacred Throne.

A hard fight, not only bringing the fire to the enemy but also in rescuing and protecting their intended victims, but one in which you have acquitted yourselves with all the dedication, professionalism and faith I could hope for.
Look to your brothers and sisters, you are the bulwark against the night and alongside our allies, have ensured the light of Amarr endures on Thebeka III. Think also of those we have lost, who gave their lives to defend against the plots of heretics and their foreign supporters. We will honour their faith in word and deed.

The final elements of the Legion are now withdrawing to orbit; once complete the Legion will redeploy to Templum Classiarii on Myyhere for resupply and R&R.

Amarr Victor,

Legate Arrach Sarkal, Legio XII Zakara

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