Provi-Bloc: Task Force Paladin Deploys to Thebeka


(Mizhara Del'thul) #22

Acknowledging our entire cluster rather than just the little bit you stick your toes into is a far cry from ‘adoration’. It is simply a simple fact that nullsec is where capsuleer power tends to gravitate, in terms of money, assets, infrastructure, pilot numbers and knowledge of warfare. That you keep trying to dismiss this because you can’t handle being so much lesser in terms of those things is genuinely concerning.

Yes, because unlike the subject at hand, you haven’t shown much else.

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(Melisma Ramijozana) #23

Fair point. I’m no battle expert myself, so I’ll yield to your opinion here.

For my part, I wasn’t aiming to trivialize them; that was more or less where my agreement “to some extent” came into play. I apologize (genuinely) if I came off otherwise.

Although, as someone who lives and works in high, low, and nullsec, I’ll point out that all of these systems have their own problem. Indeed, the rules of hisec can be dangerous in and of themselves.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #24

I was merely arguing in general, not against you in particular. I do apologize if I caused offense.
And yes, the very rules can be dangerous, but these days “Safety Green” will basically cover all sins, and if they did deploy in force they would not need to rely on cross-alliance cooperation and logistics, etc.

(Hans Nardieu) #25

What utter poppycock.

You made a civilisational downgrade in your seditious and foul defection.

(Anabella Rella) #26

You’re trying to compare screwdrivers to hammers, Miz. EM is and always has been primarily a high/low sec organization with no null ambitions. Nor will we ever have those ambitions. We’re built for industrial and combat operations in high and low and not for null sec space holding. The only thing we have in common is our ROE.

It’s nice to admire the screwdriver for what it does well but, there’s no need to denigrate the hammer for doing what it does well either.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #27

When the subject at hand is combat operations and everyone’s gently poking one another with sticks, it’s prudent to bring up the comparison when someone comes along who can start breaking out real guns. Yes, the tools are very different. That is pretty much the entire point. One of them would be utterly and completely useless if they other even flexed.

(Valerie Valate) #28

amarr victor

(Kyle Saltz) #29

(Screen clicks on once again. Showing the same figure as seen before. Still wearing his Amarr Beret and uniform with markings indicating CVA)

Amarr Victor and good afternoon to everyone watching. I am Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz Commander of Task Force Paladin currently deployed to Thebeka. Since the last transmission much has occurred. Our troop numbers continue to increase daily. We are currently at 70,000 Marines.
The new forces that we have landed on the Planet are a light mechanized infantry unit. This is the 10th Mountain Striker Unit based out of the QBL pocket of Providence. They are famous for their last ditch defense of the pocket next to Coalition Hispania forces. They currently have 100 armored vehicles for rapid deployment.
The next group of soldiers coming in alongside 5064 slaver hounds are the 4th Military Police Brigade. They are commanded by Paladin Warden Agent Khanid a Provi-Bloc skirmish FC and watchmen of our borders. They have the slaver hounds for 3 separate jobs. These slaver hounds are trained in one of three spheres such as explosive detection, chemical detection, and cadaver hounds. These hounds and their handlers will be deployed to star ports to check incoming and outgoing shipments of goods. To catch any possible equipment bound for terrorist hands. Also the cadaver hounds are trained to find people. Any attempted escaping slave will be captured and handed over to the appropriate authorities.
I would like to give special thanks to Paladin Warden Norbdelta Aivoras. He has single handedly took on the immense logistical job of transferring men, materials, and ships to Thebeka. Which has been no easy task. Especially to outfit entire fleets from Providence. As such he has been given the title of Commander of Logistics of Task Force Paladin. As fighting troops on the ground need their beans, bullets, and faith.
Another important factor of the war has been the overwhelming show of support from the home front being included in the shipments of war materials. Pilots have included tobacco, Quafe, and wine. These care packages are essential for the fighting men and woman on the front lines.
Special Forces Commanders Paladin Warden Odracir Atosc and Paladin Warden Deadduck are leading special forces groups on the ground currently. These men represent some of the finest Provi-bloc has to offer in small gang and solo PVP. Odracir currently has 97 confirmed kills in the last 7 days. While not currently the highest in Provi he is famous for taking on overwhelming odds with his fleets and slaughtering everyone while having no sustained losses. The appointment of this Paladin commander gives heart to the troops on ground and should bring worry to those in space.
Fleet Commander Paladin Warden Sleepy Nova one of the finest FCs in Provi-Bloc is excited to bring Provi pilots into Highsec to fight for the empire. Special training has been being conducted for FCs and pilots for this venture because the carnage of 0.0 conflict is not the same as Highsec.
Some of our forces have already engaged in this theatre of combat with success. In Dresi scouts of Provi Bloc engaged and killed 1.7 billion in Mercenary Forces that were logi for a Minmatar terrorist fleet. This action was on December 18th in which we aided in the destruction of 3 Nesters.
Many of you have asked about numbers we will be bringing as well as if we will wardec or not. For that I can not confirm or deny a future wardec. I have been keeping a constant communication with the Margrave of the Providence Marches Equinox Daedalus. He has given the full support of CVA behind this operation. What ever is necessary to serve the Empire and Win. So when or if we conduct a wardec it will be when it is the most advantageous for Provi-Bloc.
Which brings me to the final topic at hand. For my soldiers currently on the ground now fighting. Fight with a happy heart and a strong spirit. To the slaves on Thebeka now. To the enemy of the Empire. Do not cross us. For if you do. People will be writing about what we do for the next 10,000 years.
Amarr Victor, Ave Providence
Very Respectfully,

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz, Commander of Task Force Paladin.

( Screen shuts off and returns to the scheduled program)

(Arrendis) #30

Ok. You were at 48,000 Marines. Now you’re at 70,000. This is an increase of 22,000 Marines.

22,000 Marines in a light mechanized infantry unit… using 100 vehicles. 2,200 Marines to a vehicle? Those are some big APCs.

And then you’ll bring in the police forces next, that’s fine, sure.

But I do have to question why a specialist in ‘small gang and solo’ space combat would make a particularly good or well-received ground commander. Especially one whose ‘97 confirmed kills’ appear to largely be mobile warp disruptors. I mean, say what you will about Alizabeth, her background is actually as a career infantry officer.

And… you’re offering 1 million isk… to slaves. You mean you’ll hand them money their owners will take away from them? That’s some great incentive there.

(Kyle Saltz) #31

((Forgive me I am just helping you understand. I served in the American Army for about 11 years so I am helping you understand numbers. The Striker units usually have a crew of about 3 guys (driver, commander, gunner) carry about 8-9 soldiers in it to rapidly deploy out of the back. While ever serving in any military force there is about a 1 to 20 ratio. So every soldier on the ground equals 20 supporting them in other operations. So it is a smaller number of people fighting. The mechanized units would require maintenance crews which is almost double that of the fighting men. Then also you need fuelers, medics, logistics “supply”, then truck drivers to transport fuel across distances to deployed units. Don’t forget the admin people that have to file stuff so that ratio of vehicles to people is about right. The numbers are about split. Typically a Brigade ran range from 3,300 people as in the 173rd Airborne brigade or more than that. The 82nd Airborne Division has 4 brigades and has well over 25000 soldiers. So units can very from place to place. Especially with armor units it is heavy on support crews. Sorry I hate breaking roll but I had to help you understand that bit.
As for disparaging remarks about players and their pvp abilities. I refuse to get stuck into those type of arguments and will allow combat to prove that. Ive 75 kills in the last 7 days. I still consider myself a youth in comparison to others. ))

(Alizabeth Vea) #32

Just what the heck is this supposed to mean, Arrendis?

Also, yes. Promise them freedom and a pile of ISK. I personally wouldn’t do this. It feels and sounds filthy, but if CVA wants to go for it, they’re going to need to promise freedom.

(Valerie Valate) #33

It means that unlike most capsuleers, you actually know something about ground warfare.

(Arrendis) #34

It means you’re making me agree with Valerie, dammit. Stop that.

(Kyle Saltz) #35

Amarr Victor,

I come before you today with grave tidings. Today, Curatores Veritatis Alliance has declared war on those responsible for spreading chaos and rebellion on Thebeka III.
Those entities are Electus Matari, Cail Avetat, and Kyn’Aldrnari. First off, I would like to say that the intent and purpose of this conflict is to secure the beleaguered Empire and bring about pacification of the region. We will not actively hunt any of these groups outside of Thebeka. As some of these groups provide humanitarian aid to the civilian population.
Electus Matari for example shares a long history along that of CVA. We both have tough stances on piracy. It is not our intent to bring down a hammer to smash and destroy our current foe. We hope to use a scalpel to cut away the bad flesh so the wound that makes up Thebeka may heal.
I am not blind to the humanitarian problem present in Thebeka. War has brought about horrible consequences to those innocent bystanders and residents of Thebeka. We in CVA saw this first hand at the attempted genocide of our people in Providence at the hands of our enemies. Which have been fighting us for over a year. For this reason my heart goes out to the people of Thebeka. I pray for peace more than anything else.
Speaking of that conflict, Minmatar forces appeared and fought us during the reconquest of the Providence Marches. Of all of our enemy forces we faced in Providence they were the most noble and honorable foe we faced. For this reason I will treat with the Minmatar forces in system with equal respect and dignity until proven otherwise.
The tip of the spear of this conflict remains Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris and Khimi Harar. We in CVA are here to support our fellow Brother/Sister Paladins. It is an honor to stand by their sides. Our history is a shared history for some of us that goes back over 15 years.
The Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches have heard the call. We fight so there may be peace. We fight for the glory of the Amarr Empire. We fight to honor our Empress. We fight because that is what is expected of a holder of the Providence Marches. To protect the innocent. To maintain the Empire. To bring about Amarrian civilization and culture to the darkness of space. Ladies and Gentlemen. CVA Crusades For Thebeka!
Amarr Victor! Ave Providence!

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #36

I appreciate the sentiment behind the kind words here.

Welcome to the show; bring it on.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders

(Kalaratiri) #37

I will be very interested to see in what form, and how much, this support is.

(DeadDuck) #38

It will be relevant and sufficient trust me.

(Kithrus) #39

There’s a face I haven’t seen in a long time!

(Fifinella) #40

Isn’t it nice to fight in Providence for a decade, only to find the rot set in at the very heart of the Empire?

(Kyle Saltz) #41


I would like to give an update for our ground forces currently conducting Pacification on Thebeka III. Our mission on the ground is slowly wrapping up. Our forces will be withdrawing from the ground gradually to ensure a safe and secure departure.
We have worked admirable alongside that of the ground forces of PIE and serving alongside the forces of Lord Ardishapur. The last of our forces to be withdrawn will be those in Dabara. While our forces are withdrawing we will have a brief surge in forces in Dabara to properly turn over safe havens and areas under threat to local planetary defense forces.
Cardinal Sourem Itharen has been most thankful for our ground forces. However, with the brunt of the enemy on the ground either slain or in hiding our forces will start to head back to the station in orbit. The Provi 1st Spaceborne Division will stay in the station as a reactionary force. In case the situation on the ground changes.
The Cardinal has requested a renewed effort now with the forces of the Pro-Amarr coalition to deal with the Minmatar terrorist threats in space. We will continue to serve the work of God, Empress, Empire, and the Margrave of the Providence Marches.
Thank you all for listening,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz is signing off for the evening.