Provi-Bloc: Task Force Paladin Deploys to Thebeka


(Kyle Saltz) #42


Gods blessings upon all of you. It has currently been little over 20 days since Task Force Paladin a contingent of forces from Curatores Veritatis Alliance or CVA has deployed to the Thebeka system. Our Task Force landed ground troops and have provided Space coverage. We came to this beleaguered system at the behest of our Empress.
When I first came to system I asked our allies “who was causing the problems on the ground?” Then I asked “who was the enemy in space?” We were given three groups. These groups were Kyn’aldrnari, Cail Avetatu, and Electus Matari.
CVA has not wardecced anyone in over 10 years. So I went before the Margrave of the Providence Marches Equinox Daedalus. Our Margrave with out question agreed to wardec all groups involved in threatening the stability and safety of the Empire.
Shortly after deploying our ground forces alongside that of PIE and LUMEN our combined forces with the planetary defense forces were able to break the ground rebellion. Afterwards our forces have been continuing to pull off world. The last of our forces on planet are stationed in Dabara as well as an established Embassy for CVA on Thebeka III.
The last two space battles have been great successes for CVA. The Battle for Sarum Prime eliminated a safe haven for Minmatar forces. Our forces fought valiantly against the Fortizar. We fought to honor God, Empress, Empire, and Margrave. We fought to show House Sarum and the lords of Sarum Prime that CVA remembers our oaths.
Fresh from that victory our allies and CVA traveled to the final battle for the Astra of Cail Avetatu. This Astrahus was located off Thebeka III. Unfortunately only a third of the CVA fleet made it to the battle. As a Defensive Operation was underway in Providence at the same time. Despite this setback we were able to achieve victory. This eliminated the 2nd entity on our list.
Finally the enemy of Electus Matari. They have the final Astrahus in Thebeka. I have received word that they intend to pull out of the region peacefully. I have halted operations and put our Paladins on standby watching what is happening. I will not act unless ordered to do so by the Empress or Margrave.
When I first arrived in Thebeka I had promised to fight honorably with the Minmatar threat. As I was impressed at the nobility of the forces of Ushra Khan during the Pandemic Legion invasion. The enemy Electus Matari has asked for peace. They have given up hostile actions. So I will honor them with this request. We in CVA are not like the enemies we face in Providence. We will use the appropriate force on force. We will honor a noble enemies request for peace until proven otherwise.
To the Holders of Thebeka III. CVA heard the call and answered it. To our allies. I have been humbled and impressed at the fighting spirit of Lumen and PIE. For I-Red I hope the future brings peace between our peoples.
For the Empress, I pray we have done you honor.
To the enemies of the Empire. Let it be known…The Amarr Empire is protected. It has its Paladins. If you wish our Empire harm we will be there. If you plan terrorism…We will be there. If you attempt to overthrow our Empress…We will be there. If ever the Empire needs us. We will be there forever more. By god I swear this.

Amarr Victor, Ave Providence.
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz Commander of Task Force Paladin.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #43

Just to make sure:

We have not been in any talks with CVA, about peace or otherwise, and we do not have an explicit arrangement with any party on the field about complete cessation of hostilities.

I say this not to declare an intent of continued hostilities - as far as we are concerned, this show is over, so we are packing up our toys and going home.

I am saying it because since no such explicit agreements exist and we are still the target of multiple wardecs, engagements might very well occur. The field and the spacelanes are now full of hunters and targets of opportunity. I do not want us to look like we broke a NAP in case the killboards light up a couple of times more before we are fully out.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE RoughRiders
Electus Matari

(Kalaratiri) #44

I’m not sure if this is ignorance or just rude.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #45

Oh sweetie, you whored on a PIRAT kill. This is just sad.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #46

I would have asked you to just let the eager young navy cadet have his moment, but then I remember your favorite pastime is killing any ray of sunshine an Amarr loyalist might see and I thought better.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #47

Earned merits are saluted. Outright nonsense is not.

(Deitra Vess) #48

Would you do the same? Probably, or at least your kin would. I’ll give you that much credit, probably not you.

(Kyle Saltz) #49


Its not that I am being ignorant or rude you see. Its just your not on my radar. Im here to deal with the Minmatar threats. While I know you are there I am not currently under any hostilities with you. Maybe I should head over to your location to drop off a bottle of wine to smooth over the appearance that I don’t care about you being there. This act was once done during sieges as “gentlemanly warfare.”
Very Respectfully,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz

(Kalaratiri) #50

You may consider me officially mollified.