Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

There are always things to fix.

I dont know which part you didnt get it ! Systems are empty! We do player versus player and we do this out of null sec ?? Which part of this your head couldnt comprehend ???

Which part you didnt understand or you cannot see ???

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I begin to gather numbers for different systems %70 of content gone today… and we had been already drowning before this event launch !

I dont believe that… you cant be that much low in mental processing … there is somethingelse… you have a different agenda here…

I have no idea what you’re rambling about, dude. I really don’t.

This game is slowly going down, worst patch ever !

  • ewar fan fest into the PVP filament. this ain’t PVP at all.
  • fitting used to own the pit are completely useless in the EVE world
  • big zero for learning and experience
  • useless to the sandbox
  • pitfall for content creator
  • sloppy work by modifying/killing another content
  • lags within all the abyss solar system (PVE included)
  • careless patch without solid reasoning.
  • no quality control, a DEV as an IDEA throw it to the game.
  • lots of speculation about it by DEV stream, but this work was butchered and they have done barely nothing to bring this to the game. All the speculation is the hard work to do and CCP motivation to make great content is null. (same as the old proving ground), only speculation.

Keep in mind

  • DEV stream 2 or 3 month ago states they don’t even know haft of the line of code they are working with.
  • Chat issue for years now, go back to MIRC, and fake DDOS which most came from the chat client, I’ve notice spike of request coming out of my eve client when they state a DDOS attack. Coincidence ? I don’t think, If every EVE client send has must has request has my client (around hundred within a sec) then this is call a DDOS but made by their own client, which can’t be call DDOS Attack, but more DDOS issue.

And look what I have found

After 12 year of gaming, I never stopped playing EVE, its my first time that I am thinking about finding another game. This patch is horrible. Let’s go on :

  • Trigvilian invasion content still unavailable to US timezone : redoubts and bulwarks switch to fortress on EU timezone.
  • Could you fix the icon on “Baryon Exotic Plasma XL Blueprint” we have been telling you for months, how can we trust you if you can’t even switch an icon? This ain’t crystal ammo, this is trigvilian ammo!
  • As a corp director, I’ve notice that average character age is always going down. You can’t keep players. You shoud send survey to old player, most of them will state that your support, as no support at all. You support team should be named reimburse service. They do nothing else and they can’t even create bug report et bind support ticket to them. You need too bind support ticket to bug report, it’s a must, you don’t have any stats to weight, to put effort at the good places first. Why should we make the hard work for you? we never heard of our bug report. So its useless fighting bug with you, you are not cooperate.
  • Stop lying, “Warp within 0m” never existed and your support team is having fun to link a webpage about warp variant ( to denied reimburse. Your NPC sentry for edencom and trigvilian are instant poping pods, that is insane , we can’t even dock or jump a gate in a pod. Do you need english class or dictionary? You might want to look at the word “within”.
  • Where are you @Torvald_Uruz ? Ain’t you CSM? Ain’t you not playing abyssal pvp content for that last year? Where are our voice ? You’re not speaking for us at all. As you state that only 3 player are interested in the old abyssal arena when we are at least a hundred or 2. You were lucky to be playing on the perfect time zone for it, that’s all. Not a single word in this thread, CSM structure is useless.
  • A lot of content has less then a hundred player running them and they were not removed for that. In this case, you have remove a content because you did lazy DEV by editing another content. What ever you will say about that, the shortcut used to create the content isn’t big at all, does not worth talking about it, but you guy took the shortcut and blow up a great content. The arena isn’t a new content at all, we already knew you could have make this, you told us in the past. You only edited the main proving gate coding, adding graphics on top of the arena with a little code added to send people to these arena. Every speculation about weather effects and things that you could add in these arena were already mentioned for the old proving ground long time ago. You just did better advertisement.
  • At least before we had NPC to filter fits, you didn’t even care about adding restrictions which make this content completely useless for learning, fitting that own the pits have nothing to do with real world PVP.

Start by showing us you can do great DEV by fixing that useless shortcut taken to create this content, bring back our old proving gate.

  • Then we might want to help you guys to fix this useless content, to make a great content useful at learning PVP, at low cost. But keep in mind, it will need restriction and hard work from DEV, else it will be useless. Learning purpose, this mean if you restrict some module, you need to explain to the player why this module is not allow in those arena related to the real world PVP.
  • I pretty sure your sending people ramdomly, how can people learn if they fight Elite players? You need some kind of ELO rating to send people to a fight they have a chance to win.

After all of this, if you still think that the game is not bleeding slowly, then you’re just a digit, that live within a self bubble. Alpha are free to play account, can we have real number of online players without them? Not that I am not considering them as player, but they don’t really help at keeping this game alive, business wise.

  • You’re losing old player again!

You perfectly strike at your content creator.

And please, please, stop changing every item name because it does not fit with the new DEV’s mind, old players are bored of all those little useless change that make us lose time.

  • Copy to clipboard and import are based on name. We don’t use your fitting manager. We use websites to describe ship and everything that need to be known with it.

I Wish everyone a great day!

  • I will be running abyssal PVE and thrashing PVP filament has it make me feel a little better, Come see my twitch , your welcome for any kind of argues, smaktalk, everything is allowed, exception to spamming.

Shout-out at @CCP_Rise , because everything that came out of his mouth make sense. o7


After a day of these new sites, I must say it is just frustrating to run them, you almost always get something that counters you, be it Stabbers that go 5km/s or full tanked Moas. There is nothing that reliably works at all. Whatever you bring, you have 0 chance! And looking at the Jita market, it indicates that Caracals are the goto ship. It also feels like 75% of all kills were made by the Caracal(in the old Arenas about 50% of all kills were made by the Iki).

And the rating system needs some kind of rework, it should use an elo based system, not only the raw amount of wins. This gives advantage for people that do the content 24h/7 day a week. If a player with less wins kills a player with more wins, than he should gain more points. Same vice versa. If a player with many wins kills a player with less wins, then he should gain less points. Lets say point range between 5 and 50 points depending on the win/loss ratio. And the player who lost will lose the same amount of points. Abysra has a formula:
This gives players with less experience in the arena a realistic chance to catch up to the good players.

Back to old arenas: There used to be a lot of feedback on that back in late 2018/early 2019

Recently, I started playing a mobile game while in train etc… and this has a weekly tournament in the arena. The old arena could have been “saved” with something similar. Lets say that there is a tournament every 2 weeks, where the best 10 players would get some sort of rewards, like isk, skillpoints etc. Then there is actually a “reason” to do it and population would increase massively.

So what about a “old proving ground” filament. This filament would allow any T1 Combat/Attack cruiser, all Navy and Pirate cruisers, Heavy assault cruisers/Interdictors(Including Ikitursa and Vedmak) and the Curse to enter. Dampening modules(Tracking distruptor, Guidance distruptor and sensor dampener) would be limited to 1 per ship of each, so that peopla have to fight rather than fitting a full damp lachesis and kite 35 min around. Instead of the queue, you enter an arena that looks like the old one with a 35 min timer and a 5 min timer on the cache. If no one enters within the 5 minutes, you can take the cache, get 1 elo point and leave. If you get another player, you fight until the death and the winner gets between 5 and 50 elo points(depending of the rank of the players). There would be a tournament every 2 weeks where the best pilots get some sort of rewards. Population of old arena was like 30 people, but if we could increase that to 500 or something…

But anyways, the ranking of the new system needs a look at. The point that matters now is the amount of time spent in doing them rather than the skills of a pilot.


Good points, old proving ground was very limited (timezone) and had very poor advertisement which make it less accessible to players. A single notification on the proving gate to tell the player “what is this gate for” and “are you sure?” , would have avoid a lot of accidental jumps and would have pick interest and curiosity of players instead of losing a ship and being angry.

  • So we cannot even compared.

Has a streamer and recruiter in my corp, I had to explain it a lot of time. Abysra even has a graph to show player, when was the best time to go in abyss to get that proving gate :

Another thing, old proving gate, had a big mind play, has some player were changing fit or ship when other players were running. I got streamsnipe but also use the stream to trap them showing them fake overlay modules. Great time.

I just told you that im holding statistics and activity lvl of hot zone pvp systems. And so far we lost %70 of content

All individuals with min 80 Iq can get this

Yes, very insightful. Ty

Looks more like you not wanting to have an idea. So I took some time (more like a blink of an eye) to have a look at some of your killboards. Cant find anything without 50+ ppl being involved. So this tells me a few things. You see this as “more content, great. Any content is good content” or maybe “nice, maybe I can break some ground and get “pvp” without bringing the hive”. In any case its glaringly obvious that you are argumenting about things you dont know much about.

So I propose this. Let me hook you up with what can develop into an interesting and new lifestyle for you in new eden. Tell CCP to support you with a brand new alt. I bet they have nothing against further educating their staff (or whatever you guys are refered as). Who knows, might be fun eh?

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I agree with basically everything corrupted said, it’s ridiculous that they took out the old abyss proving??? like why it was just started to gain steam, more people were getting involved and it was definitely getting better/variety of ships. i made it my mission to make the cheapest ships possible to take out blinged ikitursa’s if the player doesn’t know what their doing theyre most certainly doomed.

I get it you wanted to adverstise more proving/ but by doing so the dev’s really hurt the community that loves to do 1v1 high risk pvp, ive unsubbed all my accounts due to this. I will hopefully return once they get this fixed, if not i dont plan on playing again. Also @Torvald_Uruz you’ve let the community down please try to do better.

And with this theres a larger issue. CCP have taken steps to fully commit to this system which you prove right here is very shallow. You described a very specific way you were playing eve and when it was gone or not fun anymore you quit. Im not jumping on you here but instead stating an observation. The way you enjoyed eve was extremely specific and lacked variety. This is what CCP is committing to.
In other games youd call this low replayability. In economics that would end up with a high turnover. This time it would refere to players. I could keep the analolgies coming.
Dont put all your eggs in one basket and all that.

This arena gameplay will be the end all be all when it comes to pvp that is not asset-grabbing/protection and you prove that arenas will be a very flimsy hook made of plastic. You might hook a fish or 2 but it will never stay intact long enough for you to catch the fish.

well considering theres no true solo 1v1 pvp with chances of actually getting good loot other than luckily finding someone in null/ls/wh that has something worth a ■■■■ fit on them. I did not invest all my eggs into it, i did plenty of other ■■■■ the 11 years ive played this game; i just preferred keeping the old abyss in. Them adding this new proving in while taking the other out really makes no sense, especially considering its not 1v1… and shitty tech one ships, id rather take my 250-300m cerb and kill a 2b ikitursa anyday or curse etc… considering i spent probably 200+b in the old abyssal system it totally has replayability. @shushero (also to put it in prespective my average spend rate was 40-50b every 30days) =a huge money sink to rich players which is important for the economy, i did however make a ton of money from actually pvping in it but just stating pretty decent sink

If CCP took your eggs from all the basket you’ve invested in, like in a single patch!

  • then this is what happen

So you have lost about 700 250-300mil ships in the abyssal system? Now tell me, how many ppl do you think are able to compete with that? You handing me that as an argument for replayability proves my point even more.

Enough, just take a closer look at abysra.

im not saying they were all worth that im just saying it was more enjoyable to use low cost ships to go in with to try to take out higher lvl targets. Ive pvped plenty of times in there with 2-7b ships. ■■■■ if you look at my killboard i learned how to pvp in the abyss i barely did any team roams or anything because i perfer solo… to think i litterally learned to pvp in this game in 200-7b ships is great, and theres plenty of people i know in this game that have 100’s of billions if not trillions ( i made my money from triple boxing hawks, on my main/two alts i made that i started doing t5’s in with 4m skill points… 4m who does that)

im not lacking anything id rather fly into a proving get a fight and get off i dont have 3 hrs to go roam to find one guy thats in a horrible fit lol just to die to my ship in 5 seconds. also if you look at my corp board i really dont join many corps i like teaching the newbros in scope or whatever ive been in to convince them to do crazy stuff

This content was send to quick to the game, their ranking based on kill is for no life players. With abysra we were WAY ahead of CCP about any kind of ranking and stats. We even had right to link video to our fights.

For each fight you won, you will gain XP and level up, and more you’ll be at risk of losing big against lower ranks

  • $Kfactor = 35 - ( ( Killer # of WIN - Victim # of WIN ) / 25 )

These quickies will spread clamidia to all over new eden

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No doubt lool im just saying i enjoyed the quickness of it, and for your info i pvped in the abyss to piss certain people off that didnt like me so much :stuck_out_tongue: although i did get heavily smacked by the same guy many of times still makes me sad ill never get the chance to kill him/lose hundreds of bills to him even though we hated each other…