Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

I have no regrets.

well still you are here… and blend yourself into a subject where we are talking about directly connected to our game play… and we are playing this game at this moment .and we will be directly affected by the results … not you… . we havent seperated ourselves aside and quit ? Isnt it weird??? Sayanora!!
lets focuse on main subject again huh???

on the point… this is the best way to fuel the activity in game … IT Is “Sand boX” why this urge to fill in it with more instances?

Your an old enough toon.

The main subject is whining over something not having being tried yet. Meh, have it your way.

Seems to be the status quo for a long time now. How does that improve numbers?

Ask CCP.

I understand your concern and I’ve already passed it on.

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there is 3 posts on eve forums

  1. we hate this b/c this will kill the game b/c I like salt
  2. I have real problems with this and the people responding to the problems
  3. the people who see an update that doesn’t pertain to them whatsoever, and decides to use it as an excuse to make a big deal of how dead eve is and how they are removing all their accounts b/c this one update

Then the answer here is simple - don’t use the filaments. They weren’t designed specifically for you. They were designed for everybody.

Those of us who think they might be fun will use them instead.

… i dont know if you ever watch any single competetive match … but you dont and wont be force land on 65 km away from your target? do you understand what is that means ???

, when you make a changing and drop an new stone… that also effects the enviroment … How do you entitled to tell something like that ??? something to isolate the one side of co existance and tell other side… dont use it dont mind it …

do you know Eve dont have proper on board PVP tutorial…? lol dont even have tutoriall… we are people here who is training new pilots into PVP… Real PvP not F1 moneyship… We are the ones who is watching them growing up and we are evaluating and come with realistic arguments about actually how much this can be limits the creativity as well as pulling numbers out of the real natural habitat?? where we also practice take fights and we thrive …

we are talking about a limited time event which pulls numbers out of our space… and of course we will consider and think about what this will bring to us in larger perspective what brings what it takes away …

dont use this … nothing to talk about something not applied… . they havent designed especially for you… this one what we call it reflecting … to think about that CCP designed something especially for me …
WOW i something i cant imagine…
But generally self loathed people reflect their this kind motives to other side in conversations, in argument like their opponents thinks that way …
… this was a golden example…You need to develop your skills on this kind of manipulations and remember to not to use on professionals from the area
. hillariously you are giving yourself away… … thanks

Thank you so much for enlightening us about the 3 major post styles in EvE forums… As specialist we also would like to hear your opinions about this forums main subject Since CCP Dopamin open the post for this purpose …

its not a matter of whether a person can tolerate getting insta gibbed off the grid by flying into 50 enemies. Thats not going anywhere cause i dont foresee any reason why gate campers and other small/midsized gangs would stop doing their thing. The targets they most likely encounter will still be there. Its 5v5 in these arena things, Dont know if they are premade or purely random pilots who just get dumped in when all 10 slots fill. Better hope a random loner doesnt click their filament at the same time as your premade causing your 5th guy, the logi, to miss out!

People are comparing this to wow except in wow the instanced pvp is essrntially the only way of getting meaningfull rewards. You could grind players in the world but thats long slow and tedious. Eve pvp the reward for winning is you get the other guys stuff, or you capture a system etc. For those reasons alone eve pvp is still going to be primarily in space where pilots will keep randomly fighting and dying

Though i feel that the mercy idea at the end of these trig things should be dropped, dying should equal dying, let people think long and hard about risk vs reward lest they lose a billion isk clone

Um… Look above. It’s everything I want to say to you.

Number of lowsec solo and small gang kills during the event times. Compared to weekends without events. How many otherwise roaming streamers will instead stream the events. How many players, and in average how much time they spend during the events in the arenas.

If this feature is a big success, EvE outside of nullsec blocks is in big trouble. So we all should hope it keeps a niche activity.


Nothing wrong with that

LOL what a cop out… saying a lot of people wants this but has no data to back it up.

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Is this for real ?! :thinking: :woozy_face:

as much as many of us are impressed with these new models you have made as well as a much needed new game mechanic, MANY of my fellow pilots are very concerned that this will be detrimental to the game. If people are able to simply undock from jita and que for 1v1, 5v5, etc pvp content, we believe that it will directly result in far fewer people wandering around from system to system looking for content which is, in our opinion (in our alliance), what makes Eve…Eve. We are already facing noticeable smaller populations in our stomping grounds and are afraid that by allowing pvp to become on demand without having to leave high-sec and the resulting decrease in lowsec / null sec outings this will also lead to many players such as ourselves finding so little content around us that we will log in less and less and less. I know this is a temporary event…but considering the obvious amount of talented work that went into this mechanic and the fact that it clearly states you are considering it’s future role…we are all but certain that unless concerns are voiced by a majority this will become a permanent fixture eventually as that is what many large, old MMO’s such as W.O.W. have done with dungeon ques / instancing. Eve in not WoW. Eve is unique and offers real, human experiences; making us all become brave wanderers in the vast ocean of stars. Without that I don’t know if things will ever feel like home again.

Respectfully yours,


I can’t wait for this. I’m a filthy casual who wants to PvP but hates the idea of spending half an hour forming a group then multiple hours awkwardly jumping around looking for fights that might never happen. I really appreciate that side of the game and that this will have a detrimental effect but this could also be the shake that it needs! Maybe we’ll see more real fights between alliances as the scrappy little fights die out.


Triglavians are not friendly or unfriendly to us. They are in a constant semi-state of yes, no, and maybe. The triglavians came here to see if any of us are competent enough to join them to help fight off the drifter threat. The triglavians came from the same place we all did…earth. Their language and culture strongly indicates they are descendants from Slavic regions of earth. Support the triglavian invasion! 4 empires become 5.

So now Triglavians convicted Capsuleers to perform bloody gladiators fights for some leftovers from their warehouses? I wonder if Triglavians families gather in front on their Holotriangle TV’s, holding in their three-fingers hands buckets of tri-popcorn and watch that entertaining show for laughter and pleasure.

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