Proving of Kybernauts for Glorification in the Flow Unfolds

Try contacting @Brisc_Rubal or @Mike_Azariah they are from CSM and have both been pretty active reading all the feedback here.


We have passed on that there are folks who don’t want to see the abyssal cruiser rooms go away.


If there is any abyssal pvp stream running, i have to watch it. I really appreciate the mixture of pve and pvp. I saw some new arena gameplay on sisi and iam not really sure if i wanna watch it. If i want to watch pvp only, i can find some guys stream in lowsec or some big fleets. The new arena looks kind of boring. If you watch someone and get killed in the first place, what you gonna do, sit there and wait ?


A Jedi. Not the class. They wanted the PR value of it.

Yeah, I read Ralph Koster’s blog, too. Apparently closer than you did.

Stop abusing the flag system because you don’t like my opinion. Twice.


Nice to see that :smiley:
Have you guys also shown them Gustavs chart, which indicates that the amount of people doing it and enjoying is still increasing after the devblog came out?


There is different descriptions for Sandbox game and Openbox game … yes they are different things … I find the beauty and best way of describe hidden in the Critics of Sandbox game:

Sandbox design has been criticized for providing a lack of satisfying goals for players. According to Ernest Adams, “plunking the player down in a sandbox and saying, ‘have fun’ isn’t good enough. Especially at the beginning of a game, the player should have a clear sense of what to do next and, in particular, why.”[36] Christopher Totten observes that “sandbox elements can be mistakenly taken as fair replacements of narrative content; indeed, many games have missed their potential because they imagined that free-play would compensate for a lack of narrative. But even for our idealized child, playing around in a physical sandbox gets old pretty quick.”[27] Critics point to repetitive in-game tasks, arguing that an “overabundance of mundane events can get in the way of enjoying the sandbox.”[37] Gamasutra notes that the quality of sandbox gameplay varies because “the great risk of the sandbox is that it can be boring.” This is because “sand by itself is not much fun. Automated, complex, and perhaps most of all, directed responsiveness is essential to sandbox play, and the more complex and responsive the world, the more interesting the sandbox.”

Pure and truly Sandbox games doesn’t give player direction goals. They are like art teachers dumping into middle tons of materials and tell kids do whatever they want to… Doesn’t say make a pastoral scene with that… make a bear or build a house … Or doesnt give a paint book with already drawn shapes and figures and paint the the way they wish … From childhood… Very little percentage of the kids even capable to draw out of box and truly create… and biggest reason for that simply they see others drawings… they ask how to draw human or different objects and “helpfull adults” show them how to do it without getting aware about actually they are shaping and cutting connections to force kids bring their very unigue way of seeing the world and converting this onto material…

This creates todays youngs and adults… seeking someone to give them purpose… made something up for them… give them direction and tell them how to do… show them maps…

And these mass of young and adults… Seeks this frame when they enter a game also…

Up to now i had seen in this thread many examples of that… how much they are craving for the content Make ready and presented them by CCP… And CCP cant resist this like an adult with compassion asked by 5 year old daughter asking them to show how to draw a horse ! And help them out with or Without getting aware of hurting both sandbox and the player …

From that critic about sandbox PVP up there i have shared … this line is very important :

“the great risk of the sandbox is that it can be boring.” This is because “sand by itself is not much fun. Automated, complex, and perhaps most of all, directed responsiveness is essential to sandbox play, and the more complex and responsive the world, the more interesting the sandbox.”

this is where Eve Online truly shines out and comes front of many other games in the market … Its extremely complicated and rich in enviroment and stimulants … Learning curve is steep… learning the mechanics only not enough but also requires different type and lvls of personal skills depends on the area you bring into center … Therefor nearly %20 of people close to me officially and truly artists and professionals in creative and arts …%80 not actively engage art but enjoy … also they are great enthusiast around science .and succesfull people . that also explains why most of them very highly intelligent and stimulated by intellectual gratification and enjoy complexity and they are also leaders… creators mature adults with older age … and they dont like someone told them what to do how to do… they progress self and enjoy this play style and none of them clapping this incoming thing … as well as they dont see this old abbysal PVP option with pve ships creative or such truly reflect this games natural sandbox PVP mechanics richness

NO … introducing instanced and limited activities by the DEVs does only takes a sanbox game steps away from being truly Sanbox game… esp if these activities cutting the player out of "open world " while they are inside of it…

I had seen tons of ambiguity in this thread … Words and meanings are pushing out of their essence just to serve peoples personal wishes and ambitious…

Also i had seen some of these players talking about PVP but making so big fundamental mistakes and statements which doesn’t fit the current in game PVP mechanics by any measurements … Simply wrong statements which every each experienced vet just laugh ass off… And even 3 month old protege can see through.

Creativity as a word just crying now…Sandbox as a word truly crying now… Ambiguity is in its highest lvl in this thread in a sense of understanding and knowledge


I wrote that I’m just writing my unnecessary opinion. Of course, it is unlikely that developers will begin to devote more to testing their content live, rather than just looking at the statistics. Well, I have the right to dream)))

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I think that someday worthy opponents of Ikitursa will appear, but it will take too much time.

P.S. Today I just lost my ikitursa against orthrus, but not because the ikitursa was weak, got a bug with repair paste hung and turned off the armor turnip by overheating))) Although the ikitursa was quietly tanking after the resistance fell.

CCP will think it is a success in the first few week that (the new arena) , and people will see how dump it is, LUL, Your not replacing with equivalent. You remove great content from the game and I really have to say "CCP YOU F SUCK!"


Someone has already mentioned disturbance around removing old abyys grounds …
CCP had made many changing in the past , some of them even end up more than a year planning and patience and expectations of the players drop into trash box… All applications has reasons in their perspective.

Its a good content from your perspective… From my perspective… it shouldn’t even exist in truly Sandbox and open world game…

We are here for sharing our perspectives. and reason them, explain them…

Not for spent some All Mighty sentences and assume they are self proven . NO they are not…

We dont know why they removed. But strong possibility that they need to get raw participation numbers also derived from old proving ground runners And pull as much as possible numbers to run these sites experience and give feedback … when they get what they need may be they would launch them again… We dont know…

well dude, ■■■■ it , all players I know won’t get in that ■■■■. lul

Keep writing nice words dude, but they just screw great content again, and again has usual. LUL Your nice words won’t change anything about player that was playing that content.

Well up to now … bunch of players defending this new sites and clapping it … And you know what ? they dont have to run PVE site and complete and risk expensive ships … they dont give any ■■■■ what is happening in Sandbox enviroment … and they butt scared and get tired of geting 3. partied and ganked… since most of them not capable to stand on their feets in Real PVP life… so
Guess what …
that will be a great spike … people who tired of roaming will use them… people who afraid of real PVP grounds will also use them … then after that spike… with this given mechanics of the arenas… and result of divided attention and population between two content … people cant find a satisfaction in both ways …
bilateral content stimu. ends up with flush all interest down into the middle holllow

and i strongly suggest you to reason your opinions instead of resentfull and All Mighty sentences… this is Official Eve Forums… not reddit

Go back playing toys in LS dude. We are talking about flying expensive ship and the feeling about it!

:slight_smile: i can see how much you are proud of flying expensive ships…
(we are flying expensive ships here! you worthless cheapass in your cheap ships in low sec… we fly

:wink: do you mind to compare this number with the natural hunters killed in the open world in totall ? :slight_smile:

And of course your EGO is screaming there …

i know expensive ships are so well known good way to compansate lack of understanding and piloting skills…
Do you aware that actually these sites can be done with T1 ?

this is where knowledge and understanding undermined… richness of mechanics and being capable to use this knowledge in its own richness :slight_smile:

Running these pvp sites possible with T1 s … but pretty rare to see pilots who show that lvl of piloting…
And the pilots who can do this manual… with t1s… … they are out hunting now

I would advise you to ignore bluelysian, I have no idea what she is doing in this thread anymore, we have already establish that this content doesn’t care if the open-world PvP doesn’t like it.

As for the old Arena, I think we owe its probable (I hope not) removal to two factors:

  • The people who complained that they have to run PvE pockets before accesing the PvP one.
  • The fact that the old Proving Grounds were limited to the format of the Abyssal run, for example to have a Battleship arena we would need a Battleship PvE Abyssal run.

That and the possibility that CCP wants to get rid of the old Arena queueing system in favor of the new matchmaking one.

Personally, I’m sad to see the PvEvP aspect go, but if I think about it in a cold manner, it makes sense that they would want everyone including the old Abyssal Proving Grounds runners to be funneled into that new content for testing and popularity purposes.

This is an odd situation, for sure…

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Is this 2020 dojos

Can it have brackets

for the players who is comparing this proving grounds with AT tournaments and nearly dare to see it as kind of good alternative:
AT rule sets :

And current abbysal set up :


The new Proving Ground battles will last a maximum of 15 minutes, with the resistances of all ships being reduced around the 8-minute mark, just like in the old Proving Grounds. The combat field is contained within a bubble of safe space and exiting the boundaries will result in progressive damage to your ship. The match ends when the only ships (other than capsules) left on the field belong to a single team of Capsuleers, or when the 15-minute match timer completes (whichever comes first). The winning team can choose whether to show mercy and allow the losing Capsuleers to escape with their pods or whether to send them directly back to the home station in a fresh clone. If the timer runs out before one team has succeeded, the bubble of safe space within the abyss will collapse, destroying all the ships and capsules from every team and rendering the match a draw.

No module or implant limitations.
July 16-28: 2v2 Tech One Combat, Attack, and Disruption Cruisers
Ship Types: Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis, Bellicose

July 31-August 2: Five Player Destroyer Free For All
Ship Types: Coercer, Dragoon, Cormorant, Corax, Catalyst, Algos, Thrasher, Talwar, Sunesis

August 7-9: Amarr Foundation Day Special Format: 3v3 Imperial Navy Slicers
Ship Types: Imperial Navy Slicer

And some people mentioning about creativity. for this incoming cruiser event… Meta is already known …
if you read and compare these two thing… well you cant even compare…

AT pilots are “crème de la crème”
Their theory crafters are this games official Living GODs…

comparing what we see in these arenas with AT is… simply respectless
Respectless to these truly creative and extremely skillfull pilots.

simply one BIAS causing many abbysal pilots here to DARE these kind of comparison is explained by the term called

Law of the instrument

law of instrument is a Cognitive Bias that involves an over-reliance on a familiar tool.
well known version of this :

if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

i had seen so many wrong statements related to game mechanics which cannot be accurate by any measurement in given context… People with very limited understanding around all over PVP mechanics…all they know is these prooving grounds and no idea about AT set up . has sharing same bias described up there … There is no way to mention these sites and AT tournaments in comparison… FYI

Its a kind of fit filtering. Its a must for that 1 vs 1.

Then stop trolling. :roll_eyes: