Psa: Net Neutrality repeal vote Dec 14th 2017

Net neutrality prevents companies from controlling and limiting how we use and access the internet
Example: If you have Comcast you have to use the sites Comcast pushes or pay a fine to access sites they don’t want you to use and they will throttle speeds on websites they don’t own to drive traffic to their own sites.
It’s a massive censorship issue and really affects any American players as it could end up meaning you have to pay more or be unable to access things like YouTube, reddit, Wikipedia, these forums or Eve itself depending on how it really pans out.

Sign this, it has options to call congress too as well as tweet and pester your state reps to try and do something to stop it.

Background for any Americans who aren’t aware net neutrality is boomeranging back around again and large isps and companies have used a massive bot net to dupe the fcc comments system which chairman ajit pai is citing as support for repealing net neutrality.

The fcc has refused to assist an investigation into almost one million stolen identities to make the comments and on the 14th of December the fcc is scheduled to have a vote and repeal net neutrality along party lines.
3 republicans for repeal, 2 Democrats against.
Ajit pai the chairman is also a former Verizon executive that is the third vote to repeal in this situation.

It’s bad for consumers and anyone who enjoys the internet should be staunchly against this repeal or any deregulation that lets companies control the internet.

You already see notices popping up on websites like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, even P***hub.

Enjoy your corporatism.

Not that I agree with the FCC’d actions. However the reality is… This moves things to the FTC court. Yes Comcast has some control. However if it leads to a monoplolization there could be more problems for Comcast than the FCC could cause.

Additionally, given the nature of this it may go before Congress or the courts. So yes it is a pain but it is not the death of the internet either. It is just one step closer to figuring out the whole mess.

Why would it be? Death for the US internet, perhaps. The rest of us are better off for it.

Surprised no one responded until after the vote.

It’s unequivocally the death of Internet, look at cable TV packages that have pushed everyone towards streaming.
Not counting the slippery slope of censorship and propaganda by controlling the public’s access to factual information.
Luckily the NY AG has already filed a lawsuit.

Out of curiosity is there any response by CCP on what they plan to do ?

Who is ccps legal/money guys. If CCP loses all its American players that would be problematic. Especially with their recent erm… money issues. They should be looking at what they’d need to do to be able to purchase fast lane access.
Eve runs okay on a poor connection, ive done it cause of server ticks but it would be unplayable on a legitimate throttled connection. Server ticks might work but good luck hopping gates or loading anything or using chat/messages. Talking sub 56k speed.

Do you really want to go down that road? Because I can tell you that you have plenty of censorship and propaganda. You’re literally surrounded by it all the time. The net neutrality repeal doesn’t really change anything in that regard. The entities responsible for that are, among others, your government, Facebook, Google and Amazon.

If the US is so desperate to cripple itself into meaninglessness, I’m all for it. The rest of the planet will be better off for it.

That kinda ressonates with me. Not that our future Chinese overlords are any better, though… but so far they keep their craziness to themselves. Face recognition to be issued sheets of toilet paper is kinda a unsettling thought…

The Chinese are going to be the next world leader no matter what. There’s absolutely no way around it and it wouldn’t be any different were the US not as mind ■■■■■■ as they are.

Europe, however, is big and powerful enough to stand on its own without being a US sock puppet. All that’s keeping us from that is US bullying and incompetent / corrupt politicians.
Countries outside Europe have it harder. They either side with Russia / China, or they get invaded by the US under some made-up pretense whenever they don’t do what their overlords tell them to. And of course if it aligns with US business interests they get invaded / bullied into submission anyway.

This is ironic in a messed up sort of way as the proponents for the repeal said it would create better competition and it already seems to be that way as these people in the article below want to start a community owned network based on NN rules and document the process for others to follow in their own communities.

Unfortunately I fully expect the incumbent ISPs to fight the community owned networks tooth and nail and more than likely win so they can keep their monopoly with even shittier service than they already provide now that DD is dead.

We do not have censorship no. That is wrong. Propaganda is arguable if youre refering to what fox news, breitbart and what the dictator says.
But a minority of people listen to that.

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