The Internet


Even though it’s not EVE related, it will impact even us who play this game, and it will impact CCP.

I hope the mods make an exception, because this affects each and every one of us.


We could easily see players being charged to access Eve Online or CCP having to pay to have top tier access to the U.S. internet.

No one knows what is really going to happen.

I feel like none of that’s going to happen. Everybody’s worried about being charged stupid prices for their internet but you know what will happen in reality? People will stop paying for internet until it hits a manageable price again. It’s honestly not like prices are controlled for you anyway, they could be hiked any time already

That’s not going to happen. People need their internet. If what you say had even a remote possibility, then they’d not try to pull this ■■■■. In the US prices are outrages, yet there are enough people paying them.

I see this as something that’s been blown totally out of proportion. This is vitally important, but it’s not the end of the world like it’s been made out to be. You as a consumer have more power than you’d think


I’m pretty sure the people freaking out over this are paid shills. The internet was perfectly fine before this communist ‘net neutrality’ garbage was implemented. The big companies have far too much control now. Getting rid of this framework of control is the right move.

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You don’t understand it, do you?

With these coming changes, there will be new big companies calling the shots. Funny how you talk about shills, yet you seem to be the only one around here. Educate yourself properly. There’s a good ■■■■■■■ reason why so ■■■■■■■ many people make such a huge fuss about it.

Literally multiple millions of paid shills, including tens of thousands of websites. Paid shills. Uhu.

Ignorance is Strength, right?

The huge ISP monopolies need to be broken up and it needs to be easier and legal for startup ISPs to get into business, that’s how you fix the internet the USA, we need more competition.

Net neutrality does not mean ■■■■ when I still only have ONE provider for internet besides wireless that can charge whatever they want because they know that they are the only hard line ISP I can get.

Don’t be ridiculous, the only outcome possible is a WORSE experience. It’s also giving control to companies for no other reason apart from making money, it’s absolutely disgusting.

Prices will continue to go up regardless if this passes or not. If they can’t legally charge us for using certain services or websites whats to stop them to raise prices on base internet packages instead anyway? Especially with the rise of streaming that’s cutting into their cable revenue.

It’s a no win situation until the monopolies get broken up and the anti-competitive / legalized monopoly laws they lobbied for are repealed.




That is still a better situation than having control over content.

This right here… lets just wish in one hand and ■■■■ in the other. I can tell you which one fills up first though.

good luck.

I feel like either your Netflix bill is going up or your Comcast one. Either way the consumer will lose and pay for either sides “failed business model.” Your politicians will get lots of lobby money, and now that it’s politicized, all you soft brains will take a hard side on it.

Pretty funny from where Im sitting.

Its pretty sad, where Im sitting…

next you will be paying for the oxygen you need to breathe… oh wait. too late. humans are on the decline. in case you didnt know the entire planet is experiencing its 6th mass extinction. Im not a doom and gloom type of guy. Im a realist… I see things for the way they are, and we, had our chance. All we do in genicide our own species and every other species on this planet. we extract all resources irresponsibly, so to the fact we cause our own demise.

This is just another nail in the coffin as fas as Im concerned. you dont want me to get doom and gloom when looking into the future. For I see slaves, controlled at the mind, where what freedoms they used to have will be digitized. You will have no rights, no freedom of speech or religion. OTHER THAN WHAT YOU PRACTICE IN YOUR MIND> for your body is what is next to be controlled adn ruled over. And the sad thing is that system will use the same tricks and games they always have to win this over. You wont see it coming, because its already here.

controlling information and communication? lol… sorry but we are all ■■■■■■ and it doesnt even matter so Im not worrying about, it wont be around forever. I do not see us reaching the stars, nor surviving long enough to do so. As far as I can tell, WE are in containment. what intelligent life out there do you think wants us to come to their planet and ■■■■ in their water and ■■■■ up the natural cycle of life?

HUMAN intelligence vs natural evolution. THERE IS A REASON nature spends millions and millions of years to evolve into an intelligent species… and we think we know better after what? 200 years of industrial revolution? LMAO. 3000 years of relgious control? wars wars wars. we will never be free, simply because we dont want to be free. we are afraid and controlling and greedy. there are a great many number of reasons I could share why we are on the decline, I know Im not the only intelligent individual here. Im not the only one who sees what is coming.

tbh we will be lucky IF we can develop AI and for the singularity to occur… it will be our only chance at being destroyed but at the same time, being evolved by it. its purely the natural cycle of evolution. to evolve is to unfold, as it happens. we dont stand a chance to improve outside our own destruction.

It was best in the 90’s, and early 2000’s … and now that the shitheads of the world see they can get you all to pay for anything including the oxygen you breathe, I dont see any other way out.

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Its not hard to refuse to get on the cattlecar.


Im on that wagon… Im just saying who the ■■■■ is driving that train heading off the cliff! :stuck_out_tongue:

You dont understand, I think, the big picture here. We can all resist or refuse to participate. but do you REALLY think that is gonna happen?

why not resist and refuse because of the fake ass invasions and wars and genocides? ahh the Internet… people will stand for that but not each other… I dont see it buddy. Its just not logic in my head, we dont stand a chance and we havent been able to even come together SINCE the Internet… it further separated our cultures … making it EASIER for the governments of control to rule you and I and the rest of the world.

Its not up to me what anyone else does.

But Ill not be either complict or a willing lamb.