PSA: You can safely ignore the suspect timer from running level 4/5 in highsec

Run lvl4/5 and while under the 30sec invulnerability warp window activate a lvl 1/2/3 filament.
That site lasts 20mins so you just wait out suspect timer.




That is overstatement.



As you can abusive invulnerable timer to avoid the planned suspect flag in hisec

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OK, I understand the theory of bypassing the Suspect timer by immediately jumping back into another Abyssal site but that doesn’t actually make the content PvP free…

Simply because when you emerge from the pocket again you’ll have another Suspect flag. So all you’re actually doing is delaying the inevitable as well as making yourself a more desirable target due to having more loot, not to mention adding more risk of being blown up inside the Abyssal pocket and losing everything.

Not if you run a level 1-3 site for the second one. Your flag will expire before you emerge again and you won’t acquire a new one.

Thought the flag get’s activated upon exiting the pocket. Are you saying you get the flag when you enter the pocket?

No. The flag is upon exit but only for level 4 and 5. You run one of those, hop back into a level 1, 2 or 3 during your invulnerability timer, and by the time you emerge again the flag from the first site will have expired and you won’t get a new one.

Ahhh, because you emerge from a lower tier pocket.

OK, I now understand that exploit.

CCP will probably change that by adding some sort of Abyssal exit cool-down timer.

should just add “can’t activate filament with timer”.

Yeah, or even a simple 60s weapons timer to keep you in space for a minute before you can hop into the next pocket and make your vulnerable after your 30s invulnerability timer expires.

Actually, all suspect timers should come with a weapons timer to prevent you from looting/stealing something and immediately docking or now hopping into Abyssal space.

You can immediately die in new site if you get the bug where the old timer carries over so not so bulletproof as you think.

What you mean is, “suspect and criminal timers should forbid you from docking and taking gate, just as weap timer does”

No, not being able to dock or jump for 15 minutes while you have a suspect or criminal timer is silly. But you shouldn’t be able to acquire that timer and flee to safety on the next server tick either.

Adding a weapons timer at the same time would force you to stay in system for a minute and allow the other players to interact with you. It kinda is the main purpose of the weapons timer anyway. Adding it to ships exiting a L4-5 site along with the suspect timer solves this problem.

I am sure there are other fixes though.

Has something changed recently ? As in, extremely recently ? When I was running these in a row I had to dock up and wait a little bit because it wouldn’t let me use another filament of any type or tier. So if I was sitting there I’d have to wait a few minutes, thus bye bye goes the ivuln.

Also, the invuln gets automatically cancelled the moment you move or perform any action with your ship. And you can not use a cloaky for tier 3+, you just simply won’t have the DPS, tank, cap necessary to complete the site. Hell, it’d be rough for a tier 2 with good chances of losing it and your pod. Only tier 1 can be ran on a cloaky with excellent chances of making it through.

So unless someone can confirm that CCP actually has changed that and you can pop another filament right after exiting with invuln still on, this whole post is useless.

No it’s not. I haven’t tried it, but you are currently able to immediately activate another filament and enter a second pocket while still under the invulnerability timer. It’s described and discussed in detail in link in the OP, and the lack of vulnerability acknowledged as a problem and one that will be fixed by CCP:

Wow, OK

I’ll be logging on soon so I’ll check it out.


This would fix it… Abyss Escaping: Easy Solution

I would say the easy solution would be to pause any suspect timers when you enter abyssal space, in that case you are indeed just delaying the inevitable. (well… giving you and the attacking party more time to form up a bigger fleet…)

Just out of curiosity… what happens if you try to activate a filament while under a criminal timer?

As it was suggested on Reddit (
just drop a mobile depot next to the beacon.
The bear can no longer escape.


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