Raging/Chaotic Abyssal Suspect Flag

I tried posting this in the game play center but the option to post for me was grayed-out for some reason.

I ran a few chaotic abyssal sites on the test server and noticed that I didn’t appear to have a suspect flag. I know CCP suspended that “feature” for the abyssal event recently but is this still the case?

Last I heard in patch notes, raging and chaotic filaments will earn a suspect flag for the offending capsuleer. Has this changed permanently?

Theyt are still “testing” it. So yeah there is no suspect flag in Hi-sec when running the Abysmal sites.

They said they were disabling it for the “next couple of months” on August 7th. Whether that is true or not and the change will be permanent is still hard to say, and may depend on the outcome of their testing.

But for now, we are still in the their “testing” window so I would say it is unclear what will happen in the future. As of today though, the suspect flag is still disabled.

I suspect the suspect flag will be suspended a suspicious length of stime.


They test if to remove it permanently or not.

It was interfering with the rotation of the Merry Go Round.

why ships doing this sites will have suspect flag anyway? it is just stupid, ccp first make some story we can believe.

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If i remember correctly when Abysmal space was introduced it was CONCORD who invited pilots to explore it.
So yeah, giving suspect status for visiting it have never made any sense lore-wise.


I have a theory about this:

it was a stupid idea anyway it makes no sense at all

Good as it is now…the less pvp in high in this game the better…

i dont want less pvp in high but i want systems that make sense
abyss is completely solo non interactive and against the design philosphy of the game
making it give pvp flag makes it a bit more interactive but its in the wrong way
abyss sites shouldnt be instanced solo content and shouldnt trigger suspect flags
maybe make a new type of content that triggers suspect flags
like empire incursions which are normal incursion except you play the pirates and invade high sec
then your group gets a suspect flag and everyone can kill you
maybe it becomes something like null fleets fighting with a side objective of killing empire ships
so basically its groups of players fighting over the reward
because the reward comes from killing empire ships

in fact that could lead to the creation of a whole new playstyle of players vs empires


There is no sense about any form of pvp in high neither flagged or not…

Any form of unwanted pvp has to happen in special areas(here: low and 0.0) like in any other game on the market.

These changes will begin the moment the new owner of CCP will be fully in charge(does not happen overnight) and there is nothing CCP or the conservative dogmatic “Eve is a PVP game” staters can do about…eve WILL be transformed into mainstream material…

i think everythging you said is just fantasy
we both know its entirely wrong


I think you forget the fact that CCP is no longer in charge beside the propaganda that is spread…

PA is loot box friendly,payto win friendly and even don’t care about real money trading.

And you REALLY expect that this will not cause a massive course change for EVE?

Well i guess YOUR opinion is pure fantasy…

You are absolutely deluded.

You’re either right or wrong about this. Either way, it’s irrelevant until some kind of change is forced down onto CCP. So far none have been. So it’s a pointless statement.

Cool story. As of yet, PA has exerted no creative influence on Eve. Which means that no matter what PA is, it doesn’t affect Eve. Yes that’s subject to change, but what happens later doesn’t affect right now.

You seem to be fond of using your anticipated future as justification for the asinine REEing you seem to spew with every post. What happens in the future affects the future. It is not going to violate temporality and magically become retroactive on the past.

Do yourself a favour. Stop chewing on your tinfoil hat. The pieces are clearly making their way into your “brain” (or whatever approximation you have in place of one) and causing stupidity.


i think you forget that without ccp in charge the game is a dead duck
what you imagine is a carebear paradise
this old python game is too old to attract that market
it can only attract the market that already has an interest
that market wont be found outside of its own playerbase
we know that
ccp knows that
why pearl abyss is interested we can only imagine
worst case scenario is they want the tranq hardware


Ya so far CCP is screwing up the game without any outside help.

You know…the sad part is you REALLY seem to believe that…

Changes like this don’t come overnight…

SO FAR…lol…

Give them a 1/2,3/4,maybe 1 year and you will finally realize how right i was…

The OWNER decides which way this game will go…bottom line…

And you are totally in favour of that it seems. Credit card warrior?