Question regarding abyssal pockets and suspect timers

I heard somewhere that ccp changed t4 and 5 filaments to no longer put pilots in suspect mode when leaving the pocketโ€ฆ

is this true?

yes it is

Indeed, the suspect timer was โ€˜temporarilyโ€™ disabled on 14th August 2018. โ€˜for a few monthsโ€™ while they โ€˜run some testsโ€™ and โ€˜gather dataโ€™.

They still appear to be testing and gathering data over a year later now!

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This is the pertinent article:

This is the pertinent section:

Raging and Chaotic Filaments can only be activated while the Ship Safety Setting is set to โ€œPartial Safetyโ€, and will place a Suspect Timer on the ship once it leaves the Abyss, meaning that it will be attackable by any other capsuleer after returning from the Abyss.

The article was updated yesterday.

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I donโ€™t think they every changed that article after the dev blog.

This thread and itโ€™s discussion preceded this inquiry by almost two months:

The discussion was lively, with opposing views on this question; but, given the thread and discussion took place in November, it would be very poor form for CCP to still fail to correct their official Help Desk article regarding this topic, almost two months later (as I wrote earlier the Help Desk article was updated yesterday).

Now, I do want to note I wrote โ€œpoor formโ€ as in poor performance of oneโ€™s job, not that it was impossible, or perhaps even unlikelyโ€ฆthat the current Help Desk article is inaccurate.

Given CCPโ€™s history, it is understandable you would question the accuracy of the article @Halcyon_Nirvana and now that youโ€™ve pointed it out, I question it too.

I donโ€™t โ€œquestionโ€ the article, since I do Tier 4 and 5โ€™s on a daily basis, I know for a fact that the article is wrong.

Iโ€™ll find out one way or another.