Public =Enemy

Is there anyway to stop this organization from attacking me? They attack me no matter what I do.

Could you please specify it a bit better? who is this organization?

  1. NPCs only attack you if your standing towards them is -5.0 ( = KoS ) or below that, or if you start shooting at them.

  2. Players can attack you regardless of where you are, except when you’re docked in a station. If a player attacks you without legal rights to do so, in a High-Security space system, CONCORD will insure retribution upon those who would dare to commit such Criminal acts. This does however (probably) not save you from losing your ship and/or pod.

  3. War Declarations (Between player corps only) - means that they can attack you anywhere without CONCORD intervention.

  4. Illegally destroying a Ship/Pod will grant Kill Rights to the Victim.

Here are some use full links; Suspect Timer, Criminal Timer and Weapon and Logoff Timers

8 Golden Rules for EVE online

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They have declared war on your one-man corp. Leave your corporation and you will automatically be placed in an NPC corp that Public Enemy nor any other player corporation can declare war on and attack.

You should not make another corporation or join a player one until you are more familiar with the risks of doing so. Here is some reading to get you started:


Same thing this Corp did to us! We either got to delete corp or sit for a week for them to do it again! 2 omega subs wasted never again. We are just friendly miners in .09 and don’t bother anyone. sigh…PUBLIC-ENEMY declared war on us for no reason? Now they camp our Corp HQ and cap killed me in a shuttle/sad

I suggest starting a real Corp of killers, ne’er-do-wells, and ganker types. Build it up to a couple of hundred players, even more, and declare war on them!

Declaring a war on another player-corporation is perfectly fine within the game-mechanics. It is one of the risks you face in Eve. There are multiple ways you can deal with it

  1. Fight back or hire help to fight back with.
  2. Don’t log in for a week
    3)Leave corp
  3. Move away from the tradehubs to a more isolated system (Most war-deccers hang around tradehubs,
    main pipes to tradehubs and other nearby systems.)
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War declarations are legal and valid game play.

EVE is a PVP game.

Your subscription / Omega payment guarantees that you can log in and don’t have skill restrictions. It does NOT guarantee that you’ll win or avoid fights.

You posted in Newbies Q/A, so we’ll answer any technical questions that you have. For example, how to avoid fights or how to deal with the war. But we are not CCP, and we simply don’t care whether they keep people or not, it’s not our job to get people interested in this game. And if you don’t like the game, don’t force yourself to play it; there are plenty of other games out there.

This will get you nothing, because war dec players are as risk and ship loss averse as those they prey on and the moment you have an advantage they will simply dock up and continue their war dec ways on other characters in other war decs against corps that are smaller than they are. No people I am not against war decs, I am against what they have become and how they are used in the current game but that is a discussion for another topic on another day.

OP once you join a player corp there is NO WAY to avoid being war decced so here is my advice to you.

Create an alt character on your account (you can have 3) and move them into the CEO’s role that way you main can drop corp whenever needed and continue to play the game without having to close your corp.

Play the game for the duration on a character that is not in the corp that was war decced, or simply do not play EvE for the week.

Whatever you do DO NOT give these people targets to shoot at, contrary to popular opinion fighting back will not make you less of a target, it will in fact make you a bigger target for future war decs simply because you fight back and lose. At least it will until your corp has grown to the point where you out number the war dec groups at every engagement . And yet once you reach that point you are a prime target because the more of you there are in the corp the more likely it is that someone will screw up and offer them easy targets to shoot.

Doesn’t take hundreds mate.

from years of experience i know you can give them the hebejebies with only a handfull of people if you understand their tactics
(two or three if your good at it)

The key to hurting hisec mercs is isolating one of them at a time,
overwhelming him/her (yes there are lady mercs) in something jucy
and keeping the war report clean on your end once you’ve caught one.

read this theres more info on that page than you will ever need to run rings around whats left of the hisec lads with war in the state its in right now.

Our friends from CODE have a different point of view, they feel quite bothered. Perhaps there are also some environmentalists who feel offended by all those miners destroying rocks and nature…
Deal with it, you can’t act without reaction.

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