Public notification of Trading bond agreement

Bank McBanks will give Art Vandolay 500M of the banks ISK for investment as Art Vandolay sees fit.

  1. After 1 month, 10% of the isk (+ small amount of total profits as Art Vandolay sees fit) will be returned to New Bank of New Eden .

  2. The 500M initial investment will be held by Art Vandolay for reinvestment (rolling) for the next month unless Art Vandolay decides to terminate the agreement at the end of the month - in which case, all monies of the investment will be returned to the bank.

  3. Communication will be on public MD forums when monies are transferred and returned.

I’m confirming the statements by @Bank_McBanks are true.

500 mil sent.


For reference, agreed bond date maturity will be October 22nd and then rolling each month (unless agreement is terminated).

What kind of number we looking to hit when this goes public?

The bank or this bond?

Interest payment - 60M isk received (10% + 10M) Thanks!

Confirming interest paid to Bank McBanks.

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