Public Reading of the Final Will and Testament of Lord Thiago Gallius

In accordance with the traditions of House Gallius, the final will and testament of Lord Thiago Gallius, who ascended to Paradise on this day, Friday, 08/08/YC120, will be read publicly on Sunday, 11/08/YC120 at 1900 NEST.

The reading will take place at the Amarr Legio Basilica.

Octantia Dadarwar
Legal Offices of Alahmed and Rogan

As it stands, the last will and testament of Lord Thiago Gallius was read as follows:

"I, Lord Thiago of House Gallius, being of sound mind and body, hereby revoke all former wills and testamentary dispositions made by me and declare this to be my last will. I charge Octantia Dadarwar of the legal firm of Alahmed and Rogan to be the executor and trustee of this, my will.

My grandson, Lord Miguel Gallius, shall retain his estate and titles as bequeathed upon him.

To my grandson, Sir Utari Onzo, I hereby bequeath the Gallius estate and holdings, including the family manor and the titles and privileges forthwith.

The current saved fortunes of the Gallius family are to be split equally between both brothers, however any income of the estate from here on shall go to Lord Utari Gallius, as he may now so be called.

There are various monetary gifts to faithful servants and staff. All these documents have been verified independently, as is practice, however, Lord Thiago has made his final wishes clear. Anyone contesting this will must do so in writing within six months of this reading."

As of last week, Lord Miguel Gallius has contested the stipulations of this will, in part, regarding the inheritance of his brother, Sir Utari Onzo. An investigation will be carried out to determine if any or part of this testament was given under duress or mental incapacity.

A report will be issued thirty days from now with the decision.

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Given the reaction of Lord Miguel Gallius during the reading this development is not surprising. Good luck in your investigations, Executor Dadarwar.


After exhaustive investigation and interviews, it has formally been concluded that the will of Lord Thiago Gallius was made when he was of sound mind. There are no legitimate suspicions surrounding his passing.

As such, all properties and titles have been bestowed on Sir Utari Onzo, now Lord Utari Gallius.

God’s blessings upon him.


Octantia Dadarwar