Formal Statement from House Gallius

Upon the death of Lord Thiago Gallius, certain accusations were made by unknown sources via The Scope news outlet regarding the nature of his passing. House Gallius formally disputes this slanderous gossip, finding the contention that Lord Gallius’ death had malicious undertones to be utterly false.

Lord Gallius had been suffering for many months from a neurological disorder, to which his doctors can attest, and a formal autopsy has confirmed this.

House Gallius demands the source of these rumors be brought forth to face justice for this calumny.


I am sorry to hear of your loss and to hear that it has been made even worse by such accusations. I pray that you and yours find peace.

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Every effort will be made by my brother and I to get to the bottom of this slanderous suggestion coming at such a sensitive time. All avenues will be explored in ensuring restitution is obtained.


I for one believe it.

That Lord Gallius was suffering from a neurological disorder explains amply how a man of his station could put his name to the absurd document put about by the ridiculous Newelle coterie of wayward liberals, Ammatar lovers and heresy mongers.

Now that the Lord Gallius has gone, ah, to his reward, perhaps it will obviate the need for any action against his house and family by those injured by his mistaken action – which we now see was caused by a sad state of mental impairment in the twilight of his life.

May the One True Lord see him to his final estate.

I have the honor to be,


Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III,
Paladin Deacon, Orders Militant of the Theology Council,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III


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Where there is tragedy with dubious circumstance, there is Chakaid. Like a fly on ■■■■.


Always good to see the tacit admittance of future plans by a “representative” who truly has no idea what the hell they’re doing… I wonder how the other signatories will respond…

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I am pleased to see you will be doing your duty, then, to root out the source of these rumors in the MIO. Thank you for your obvious support to House Gallius in these difficult moments.

Octantia Dadarwar


What in God’s name are you rambling incoherently about? Maybe you should have a visit with your physician, Aga-Count Chakaid. We wouldn’t want you being lost to a neurological disorder.

I mean, really, this kind of talk is ridiculous. If you remember, I was one of the few that defended the Kingdom’s right to deal with their slave rebellion as they saw fit, however poorly it was executed.


I mean, so was I.

It’s a pretty elite club.

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