Pulling The Plug - The worst corp you've never heard of

Are you barely active? Totally useless? Lonely?

Then Pulling The Plug is the place for you.

“hang on, who even are you” I can hear you murmuring in the background. Well, we are a collective of lowlife degenerates who prefer to play EVE through Discord, collectively our directors have 76 years of experience in this godawful shitty game, and we’re longover due retirement but :covid: so instead we waste our time staring at our computer screens whilst dutifully neglecting our failing marriages.

In our short and pitiful existence we have managed to instigate no less than 27 diplomatic incidents, ghost ride a super to valhalla, welp no less than 15b in pods (literally 20% of all our isk value in losses) and start 2 shitstorms on reddit.

“Wow, sounds awesome, what’re the perks” - We can offer you nothing, and I mean nothing. No SRP, No Moons, No infrastructure of anykind, rampant director embezzlement, not even a shoulder to cry on.

But wait I hear you ask, what’s the damn point. Well good sir and/or madam. What we lack in organisation we make up for in a loving and caring comm- haha total ■■■■■■■■, I can’t continue.

We’re barely active, completely useless, IQs resting in the low single digits, and living on someone elses couch.

What we can offer you is a seat by the fireplace that was once our ships and/or lives, literally no rules, none, zero, nada - and the best ships in EVE, friendships.

“Holy ■■■■ it sounds awful, I want in” - excellent all you need is 500m sp, a spare kidney and fill out our 476 question application form (we use it to weed out the try hards) and at least one arts and crafts project.

If you actually do want to join this god awful group of retarded degenerates you can join “Instant Regret” in game or mail me, ZehNarume or Jassmin Joy. Preferably Jassmin because he’s ■■■■■■■ useless and it’s about time he did some work.

Or just pm me on discord because I literally don’t log in enough to notice you: adopt#1337

Dank KB stats yo’

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Speaking on behalf of nobody at Tactical Supremacy, we have flown with Pulling The Plug on occasions and found the experience matches the description outlined above entirely.

They are a corporation full of boomers and EVE has-beens who require assistance in almost all daily tasks both in-game and IRL.

If given a choice between disbanding our alliance and flying with Pulling The Plug again, we would disband without hesitation.

TLDR: Great corporation with great people, very fun to fly with.


If I had a gun with two bullets and had to be forced to fly with Pulling the Plug again, I’d shoot myself twice


So, my 40 IQ is above average? NIZE

I rather unplug my Computer.

Applicants are also required to submit new emojis to the Emoji and Meme Committee for review.

Also bump

Bump, dank brawl https://zkillboard.com/related/30000978/202012212000/

Each applicant has to send me their 5 favourite Pepes.

Only one thing to say about this corp KeKw…


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