Pulling the same mission twice in a row (after declining)

CCPlease make it impossible to pull the same mission twice in a row (edit: after declining). Give us this small generosity. If you love us, I can see no reason not to.

Kind regards, and thank you for the wonderful game.


and while they are at it should give us the ability to select more anti-empire missions vs pirates
and the ability to select the same mission over and over and over.

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So because you don’t like repeating missions, you feel the need to screw over people who grind missions and may like having them repeat?

So everyone can just spam the most profitable one and never do a different mission ever again?

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how about a Bounty Board style then to missions…
so you can select which one you want to do.

trade off would be the time to complete would also be the cool down time to select again, no matter the agent.

so a 6 hour mission lets say, you knock out in 20 minutes…you would have to wait for 5 hours and 40 minutes before you can select it again.

Why? What’s wrong with using the RNG sysyem? Sure, sometimes the R gives you the same result, but most of the time it doesn’t.

if that was a reply to me?
I cant tell because your post does not say it was a direct reply to me.

anyhow, i was being snarky and sarcastic…

buy Reading Comprehension skillbook and inject please.

It was a general reply, not specific.

And yes, because text is such a great medium to pass along emotion and attitude, the sarcasm was obvious. :roll_eyes:

I don’t think it’s too much to ask. Just a tiny little quality of life thing.

Unfortunately, QoL has been used to justify many, many bad ideas.

The question still remains, why does the RNG method need replacing?

It’s a small little thing that I would like to see, I’m sure many others would like it too.

you missed the sarcasm in that, although I wouldn’t mind the whole, I want to find more empire option

I like the bounty board where you pick from a few missions. But missions only replenish at a certain rate so you can get a burst of decent missions and then either keep running lower quality missions or move on to another area.

Stops you from getting a bunch of faction/bad missions in a row or when you just log in. These moments do cause players to log off and to play something else. Might get people moving around (especially if you can complete and accept more from space).

Isn’t there also a set of missios where declining the Gallante version leads to the Minmitar version? This was a design idea and would need to be taken into account.

I don’t believe he said it does. Just that it should exclude the last mission if and only if declined.

Primarily because if we didn’t want to do the mission, we don’t want to ■■■■■■■ do that mission.

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Thank you for this response! Exactly what I’m saying. I don’t see how anyone could possibly sit here and say that they enjoy that.

I don’t, but I do enjoy the Rness of the RNG. Sometimes I don’t get a particular mission for a few days, then it’s a tad more enjoyable.

Just take the standing hit and move on, stop trying to fix what isn’t broken. It’s not like it’s difficult to maintain standing. Blitzers manage it.

I think it is broken. It’s not that I have any trouble maintaining standing. It’s that there’s nothing fun about pulling a mission that you just declined. Why do you have such a grouchy nay-saying attitude? Get on board dude.

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