Pulsing Directional Scanner

I’m sure everyone is tired of pressing the V key literally every second when using the directional scanner. My V key is getting to the point it is breaking on my laptop now. Why not make it so that when you scan it pulses every 1 second for 10 seconds for example?

I play in wormhole space and all I have is directional scanning. If it’s not every 1 second then it’s pointless to even make any changes. We’d still be stuck pressing it every second that way. Everywhere else has local chat which is way too overpowered and unrealistic if you ask me.

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How about make it a sensor related midslot module ?It could scan the vicinity to some distance based on what meta lvl it is.Then there’d be no more reasons to keep local either

You’ll never get an every 1 second auto scan.
Or even a macro like scan.

What you might get is an every 15 seconds or so auto scan. Where fast tackle might be able to get in under the scan if you aren’t also watching local properly (or if local becomes delayed in some way) but it’s fast enough to warn you about incoming Battleships.


An easy solution exists for you: Just close it.

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I’m not tired of pressing V, because that’s how it works. I am however a bit tired of players who crawl around in WH space, but are unwilling to accept its mechanics. This has been asked for for years again and again, but it will not get implemented.

The point of d-scan is that you actively perform the scan and that when you fail you end up getting killed. There is no room for a “please make this automatic”.

You could as well be asking for your guns to automatically lock targets and fire at enemies. It’s however not how this game works.

Your active participation is required. When you’re getting tired then dock up or log off.

By the way, recons are invisible to d-scan. Players in WHs use combat probes instead, because these make recons visible and also have much larger scan ranges.

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I agree, though I was thinking more of an on/off switch, and use the mechanic to balance d-scan in general. When on, it consumes a small amount of cap (so people don’t run it constantly, adversely impacting server performance) and sends a pulse out every so often. If you do a narrow angle/short range scan it refreshes frequently. Wide angle/long distance, and it refreshes more slowly.

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I think you’re confused because I didn’t ask for a single thing to be automatic. I asked for a pulsing directional scanner to reduces the amount of clicks per minute. Quite frankly if you made the directional scanner pulse every 1 second for 10 seconds that would remove 50 clicks per minute or up to 3000 clicks per hour. Maybe you’re not tired of destroying your keyboard but other people are. Even if they made it every 1 second for 3 seconds we would still reduce a significant amount of keyboard clicks.

Allow me to rephrase this then… semi-automatic. Still makes it automatic.

Semi automatic is not the same thing as automatic. Getting that detail wrong could get a person killed. In fact semi automatic seems like a great medium between what people want. Every 1 second for 3 seconds sounds perfect to me.

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