I was debating whether to post this knowing the vitriolic nature that can be the eve forums, but thought that I may be able to gain some knowledge and maybe even direction if I posted and so here it is, any such replies ill ignore.

Back in December my main character had been active for 9 years. Since that time new characters have been added, new accounts subbed etc until we get to where I am today, 2 subbed Omega accounts with 3 characters each (paid for not plexed) and 2 Alpha accounts, 5 characters that are doing various things.

I’ve been in high sec, null sec, low sec and Wormhole space with multiple corps and alliances. I mainly PVE (Industry and exploration normally with the odd mission thrown in) and also PVP on occasion, generally solo as currently at least most of my corp is either a different TZ or just inactive. But whilst that is true of this corp I even find myself going solo when I was in TZ that my corp was active in.

I am bored, nothing seems to interest me now. Today I went out hunting and even got a kill but it did nothing for the adrenalin, it was just another thing in a game that seems so lacklustre these days. I remember back near the beginning being wardecced when I was in a high sec corp and we had a fight with the deccers, my hands were shaking with the adrenalin, I loved it.

Thing is I find this game quite addictive still in terms of wanting to log in but I think I definitely need to start getting more involved in group things, small roams etc so that side, the solo side and being bored of that is definitely on me, but I think I need something more and I think that something more is purpose.

You can be in a corp and do things together but if you still lack purpose then those things will soon have little meaning and become boring… least that is my theory.

What are your thoughts, do you need or have purpose, if so what is it? What keeps you logging in and interested?

My lord and Savior James 315 gives me purpose. I cleanse highsec from the evil bot-aspirants in his name. It’s also extremely fun an hilarious to dunk miners, you should try it some day.

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I’m a solo player. I have two alts, a market trader and an explorer.

I probably spend the most time market trading, because I can do that in short chunks of time and while multitasking with something else. It started out as a way to make money, but I’ve discovered I like the rhythm and strategizing of it, and hauling my stuff around gets me out of the station on a regular basis. The hauling also brings the excitement of gankers, station/gate campers, etc.

When I have an extended period to play, I do low-sec exploring. Visit a different set of systems, scan stuff down, solve puzzles, and you never know when it may turn into PvP.

Maybe not epic stuff, but I find it intellectually satisfying, with the occasional jolt of adrenaline.


Ack! This is one of my problems. I find I can’t do lowsec or null without the reserved block of time with NO distractions so I can pay full attention, but when I can do I love it.

The other main issue is work which for me is variable, there is no point in subbing if I can only play 4 hours in a month. So I drop to alpha for extended periods and then plex/sub for a month when I can.

Upshot is mostly I dip in to eve when I can and spend much more time than I would like in hisec, but at least I’m on and doing something even tho I might have to drop everything every 10/20/30 mins and go sort some family or work nonsense out.

Trading/manufacturing & gathering resources is a challenge when I’m alpha but actually it’s quite enjoyable and my interest level is as good as ever.


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