Put Stargate Icons at top of screen

Take out the stargates from the overview, but put all of them as distinctive icons (depicting selected map data information, such as security status, #podkills) at the top of the screen. Allows for WAY easier movement, jumping.

You want them outside the overview? So that you have to look at that special UI element for this info, overview for that info, selected items for another bit of info, targeted objects for even more info. And then you might want stations/structures outside the overview as well? And then planets? And different ship types in different windows?

I hope you see just how stupid that idea is. The overview is the best way to organize all things happening around you. Any approach to decouple special items out of it only leads to ridiculous UI clutter with conflicting and obstructing elements. Best example for that is the ESS UI and that’s just one element.

That kind of info could be included into the Selected Items window as it oftentimes consists of lots of empty space anyway. You could have a toggle option to show or not show this info in that window, either in general or for specific item types. That way you have that desired information within an existing window, use that existing window’s space more effectively, have flexibility about what you want to see (because kills at stations or planets are interesting, too, in certain areas), and you don’t waste screen space or introduce UI clutter.


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I use ‘d’ to jump. I need them in the overview.

And ‘s’, ‘a’ also, for that matter.

Top of the screen is where my targets go. No thanks

ewww… Neanderthal!!!


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