Please put the gate hologram data on the interface

Unless you head towards a gate straight on, you cant really see the holographic info.

So how about putting it on the interface whenever you select a gate?

I think you can get this info by right-clicking and selecting “show info” on the gate.

Do you want to do that 500 times a day?

all of the important bits already come up when you hit show info. what you are asking for is what the normal person calls “clutter”.

Normal people don’t want to hit show info 500 times a day every day.

Especially not since CCP has not managed to move dynamically appearing tabs away from static tabs, which results in you having to switch tabs almost every time you open Show Info to get to the desired tab.

So having the option for it to appear somewhere on the overview would be quite valuable.

normal people don’t need don’t do 500 jumps a day and any who do would already be using an external app that would be better than this being in the selected item window

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