Put all stargates in-system centered under the HUD

It’s more practical to universally line them up under the HUD, or under Generic Solar system data with an option to fold away. People who want to keep them in Overview should be able to do so, I strongly prefer them on the main screen.

Tactical awareness is an important skill, the screen is cluttered already and knowing direction to the gates actually matters so having them always centred would be problematic.

You can’t slingshot to escape a point if you don’t know what direction the gate is in.

What makes stargates more important than other objects in your overview that they require special treatment like this?

Sure, while traveling it’s nice to have stargates show up without extra clutter. That’s what I have a travel overview tab for. Easy to spot gates there, and even easier to spot the yellow gate that’s the next destination in my route.

There are situations in which it could be useful to have planets and moons show up, stations show up or have easy access to stations in your system. Sometimes enemy ships are important to see on your overview, sometimes you want to see the event sites and sometimes stargates are what you’re looking for.

I’m not convinced that specifically stargates need extra accessibility.

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