PvC or Player vs Code - isn't it an exploit?

Hi, I was looking for EVE graphics assets for EVE themed machinima and accidently stumbled onto this Hoboleaks: About & FAQ site which essentially can prime you what new can you expect before even starting the game client.

Imho, this service and possibility to datamine EVE client files in general, is a game breaking in case of competition oriented time stressed events like recent Jove Gates search.

Here is a detailed description of the matter:

Is there anything CSM can do about it to prevent players from using such low-level aid and get a head start?

Or am I making a mountain out of a molehill? If you think that yes I am then please tell me why do you think so? I would be hesitant to use such info to may advantage in the jove gates hunt. Is this why the reward was so relatively high? To console the conscience?

At least make the publication of version diff delayed by few weeks?


Do you need to decompile code with a third party programme like Ghidra or Ida? If so, then yes it’s an exploit.

If it’s not obfuscated and freely accessible to any player, not an exploit.

It is freely accessible via that hoboleaks service.

But even if it is not an exploit then nevertheless it is a kind of out of game meta intel giving an (unfair imho) advantage :confused:

Did hoboleaks have to modify game files in order to extract the data? If so then it’s still going to be an exploit and against the TOS and probably illegal according to Intellectual Property law.

Unfortunately I don’t see that there’s a whole lot CCP can do to prevent it.

Idk, but in FAQ you can read this:

(…)How does Hoboleaks work?

Hoboleaks extracts data similar to that found in the SDE from the client game files, and uses this to compare each version. The website will automatically update itself when new EVE Online patches are published. It usually* takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes after a new patch is released for the changes to be visible on the website.(…)

Also there is “reverse engineered” statement used in another section of the FAQ.

As IT proffessional I am full of awe for this service (minus murky waters of legal area here and doubts). As an eve player I see it as harmfull to the enjoyment of playing and enables cheating.

I think the client files should be better obfuscated or Hoboleaks should delay publishing new diffs by few days.

All items can be seen in the client without the help of any external tools by pasting their IDs (which are sequential) into the notepad. Before Hoboleaks, that is precisely what a lot of people did to view new items. Sometimes, hoboleaks may indeed reveal things not easily manually found in the client, but in the case you are describing, Hoboleaks only saves a few minutes of time by making an already universally available process faster.

<url=showinfo:77825>Like this! Paste me into the in-game notepad and click me</url>


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