PvE Incursus Blaster/Brawler! Help!

Hey peps,

i just came back after several years of abstinence, and was just a very casual player before, doing mission running and minding my own business. So look at me as a total noob please. :smiley:

Played mostly Caldari missile path, but wanted to try another playstyle at the moment and would fancy playing Gallente Brawler Fits with Blasters. Sadly i have no clue where to start when it comes to fitting those, especialy guns and armor tanking(cause, you know Caldari player). :smiley:

Help with my test balloon frigate would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ex Omega but Alpha right now. :wink:

I like blaster brawlers. Flew the Thorax and the Talos a bunch when starting out, later switched to Deimos’s and Vindicators. Lots of damage, good application. Never really messed with the Incursus, but I can try putting something together.

Incursus PvE

[Incursus, PvE]

Damage Control II
Multispectrum Coating II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Small I-a Enduring Armor Repairer

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Small Cap Battery II
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Light Neutron Blaster II, Void S
Light Neutron Blaster II, Void S
Light Neutron Blaster II, Void S

Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Explosive Armor Reinforcer I

Hornet II x1

Null S x480
Void S x480

For PvP fits, you might want to check out the Frigate Yearbook.


Thanks alot man, i will definitely try that fit. :slight_smile:

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