PvE Roundtable - Saturday 31st of March

Hi guys, just crossposting a link to the Roundtable I have set up, as I know a lot of my target audience is unlikely to be reading the CSM section of the forums. If you can, please take a look!


I checked your link and see you’re doing the PvE roundtable on March 31, between 20:00 & 22:00.

So 20:00 to 22:00 is 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. What time zone is that based on, GMT / Eve time?

GMT is 7 hours ahead of PTZ in California USA so for me the actual time of the roundtable would happen from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

To quote from your other thread:

This roundtable will be hosted (in terms of audio) on this Discord invite,

I guess that means players can only participate in that if they have some sort of voice app?

Since I don’t have any voice app on my computer I’ll have to post my answers to your questions in the other thread, after some serious thought of course.

Posting a link to your thread in local chat of Trade Hubs might help gain more player participation in your PvE roundtable.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to do this roundtable, definitely shows you’re interested in getting player feedback.

You can participate via text in the Discord channel during the discussion if you wish, I’ll be trying to keep an eye on it. But, yes, I will need people to be willing to install a program to allow them to listen to me, as I find discussions pursued in voice are vastly less likely to turn into arguments.

I’m wary of doing something like that - I’d rather get the opinion of 10 people who know 90% of everything about missions than 50 people who know collectively 100%, because the former are likely to be able to make stronger conclusions and assertions that I can take forwards.

EVE time, always EVE time.

Not sure about Jin’taan’s setup but I simply use Discord via my browser, voice works no problem. AFAIK you don’t need to install anything.

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Neat! I didn’t know you could still use it via the browser.

Yeah I understand, however that could make it biased and not give you a generalized majority opinion about those PvE topics.

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Can everyone participate?

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Anyone will be welcome to participate :slight_smile:



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I never participated in roundtables, maybe I visit and find out is it as bad as people say. That depends if I will be sober enough :wink: usually at that time I’m full of beer/bourbon…
Thanks for making the roundtable Jin. PvE needs to be shaken and last CCP action shows that they have no idea what direction to take.

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Jin you still reading this??

Please convey to CCP at Fanfest our frustration (will mine anyways) with:

Local Chat - keeps disconnecting unless I type in local
The Agency - laggy as hell, duplicating agents.
Industry Window - where are my blueprints. they are not showing

Its frustrating how CCP seem to have moved their attention onto other things.

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Still reading. Noted.



I might be just about to turn into a bitter vet however, the below PvE input is mainly from me exploring and trying out this new PvE content in HS.

The Agency
Looking at anything on it the agency window takes over 3/4 of my screen. Reduce the pixels and smaller corp logos will help reduce window size. There is so much empty space in the ageny window.
Agents offering missions often appear twice.
Reintroduce possiblity to select high/low/null sec agents only (like we used to be able to do).
Select option for available only agents (again this was possible)

FoBs -
Possible pop up chat window for when you enter a system where a FoB is located, like incursions and RWs.
Better notice a FoB has spawned in system. Anything is better than the agency window where FoBs are often off the screen and at the bottom of the list. The only time they are seen is when FoBs are the only thing selected.
Tweak the AI on FoB frigs to increase their warp in to lock and warp disrupt times. The frigs are fast at warp disrupting which means the mining barges I tested the FoB attack fleets with are not able to warp out when they warp to you in a belt. Even with gankers if you are paying attention a barge is able to warp out due to the delay in being able to lock you. This not the case with FoB frigs but then again this insta death might be by design.

LP payouts and/or LP store.
LP payouts and/or LP store.
Again LP payouts and/or LP store.
More sites or better spawn rate than current. I often have to travel 12 jumps to get to another RW site. At distance I stop doing RW and log. (I’m nearly at 5.0 standings on all 4 factions)

I think just being able to turn off the map would make it more usable. If I’m going to scout out a system I’m either going to want full map stats, or I’m going to check on dotlan

also whenever you accept or reject a mission the whole window refreshes, and it seems to blink for just about everything, I’ve turned off blink on just about all my clients.

I also think it’s a bit of a waste that to bring up the event points it has to bring up the whole agency window

And the whole mining tab just seems like a waste of space. It’s almost all duplicated info, agents and resource wars are all in the the combat tab too. Does anyone really need it to tell them there are belts in systems? Maybe if you could sort by number of belts.

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All valid points indeed.
Pressing F9 or F10 will do the same as the agency map.
IMO the smaller of a window we have to open the better.

new instances will be procedurally generated, CSM knew this? Suddenly all you said at pve roundtable feel like either you don’t know it or know it but hide behind NDA.

That is what I was talking about when creating pve content, but when CCP annouced it, suddenly everybody is happy about it…

I’m legally obligated to not imply anything about anything I know which is covered by the NDA - however you’ll note a lot of my lines of questioning were relevant to the new feature, such as talking about the instancing and reward structures that work/don’t work for PvE

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Can you be more specific what was the CSM opinion about that new pve or is it still under NDA?
Part of me is happy because it will be randomly generated, but it is instance after all. That is me saying pve only player. It seems they copied the worst part of RW.

There are IMO a couple of variables with the new PvE instances, which could break the feature, namely:

  1. Unavoidable / RNG based ship losses -> this alone may kill the feature beyond some extreme farming

  2. Unknown conditions upfront, means, only one single (to be found) ship/fit will be used for the sites because it’s optimal. If the conditions are precisely enough known, and you fit your ship right, you must not die by RNG … otherwise we are back at number 1

  3. If not 1, PvP-riskless access via highsec / sov nullsec will floor the value of the loot

Again, risk via RNG + NPC will not be tolerated by the majority of the player base outside of extreme farming, where you try factoring in the ship losses into the profit. Unpredictability with risk of death in EvE must come from PvP. Which brings me to another issue…

Due to instancing the only PvP option left is ganking, as the victim is restricted in ship/fitting while the attacker is not, this will make it a one-sided engagement by design.


I’m currently recovering from Fanfest - will probably write out something on the CSMs concerns and how CCP responded to them if I’m allowed to under NDA (don’t know zif they wish to reveal intitial concept). Our general opinions on instancing were very negative - much as they were with instancing in RW - and one of the reasons I did this roundtable was to see what people thought of RW instancing and get an idea for how it can still leave room for nonconsensual interaction.