PvE Survival mode

I read someone on Reddit mentioning that Serenity has some kind of a Roguelike event, and this made me think it would be an interesting idea to introduce some kind of Survival PvE mode into EVE where you fight against waves of NPCs with increasing difficulty and you get paid periodically so even if you lose your ship (and you probably should at some point, as in all survival games) it would end up being worth doing if you survive long enough, definitely more than most PvE activities where risk of losing your ship is minimal.

Also I wasn’t a fan of instanced content in EVE, but since Abyssal rooms aren’t going anywhere I’m thinking that one-way filaments would be the best way to implement this. Maybe even give a chance to PvPers to invade survival players Dark Souls-style.


Fun isn’t goods given right!

While serenity gets fun content we get dr. who…

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