Single Player for eve "EVE Offline"

so I just had a idea… and I was thinking… yknow what, why just have a online version of eve, when you can do single player eve , with options for how your playing eve in single player

as 3 options:

Survival: Play on your on, you may die as many times as you want

Creative: be able to give yourself everyskill , all good boosting, join npc factions, give yourself pretty much any ship

1 life: Hardcore mode for the most of the challenging players, if you die in your pod, game over. pretty much survival but with 1 life.

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Sounds like minecraft in space.

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Why would you do that?
Simply NO.
That wouldn’t be EVE anymore, but a very, very different game instead.

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Sisi server

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Oh good this idea again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

EvE wouldn’t work single player. There would be nothing to work toward and nobody to compete against. There would be no need to mine because there’s nobody to buy your ore. There would be no need to fight because you don’t need any more ISK and it’s just you there so no competition for space or resources anyway.

Also there’s already a near empty test server where everything cost 1isk. If you want to play alone go there, you’ll be back soon tho cus it’ll be boring as :wink:

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The greatest thing of eve is to be a single session multiplayer online server.

No multiple servers
No multiple channels
No “world” reset

Eve is a single universe.
If you want to do ■■■■, you have the Testing Server…

No no no :sunglasses:

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