Singleplayer EVE

Would be nice to see singlplayer game based on all mechanics and content of EVE Online. CCP please make it.

The Prophet is firm that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

The universe is only made interesting by interacting with others.

There already exists a simulation of what you want. Merely waste your time in there.


Empty markets, no competition, no LP store conversion possible, half the ships useless and no one b*tching at you in local.

Sounds fun.


No other players to interact with, more than half the ships useless, dysfunctional market gameplay, ISK meaningless and no risks…

Have you tried playing on the test server?


Play X3/4 with EVE conversion mods.


These ones have dumb controls. Market can be filled with game itself, like other singles. And yes no other players will be good (for me). Test server is fun but it’s test server. It isn’t suitable to constant playing.

Just go and play Elite or the X series then. They have exactly what you want.

CCP is never going to create a single-player version of EVE, because the game was created to run on a distributed server architecture, and there’s not enough market demand for them to create a standalone version of EVE to appease the handful of people who want something like that.


I feel somewhat compelled to state that about Tranquility as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re not a CCP employee nor are you their Official Spokesperson so don’t presume to speak for them…


I agree with others in that Eve is an mmo. Elite (the original one) reminds me a LOT about eve except that docking is harder in the older game.


If EVE was more popular I guarantee there would be some sort of solo speedrun category, market completely disallowed, on the Singularity server.

If you want solo stuff, I suggest booting up a brand new character, buy plenty of plex on the market to give you Omega time, and completely forgetting about the market. Do as much as you can by flying to some super far-off nullsec pocket. Stay away from M-O.

Okay you can also buy blueprints :confused:
see if you can build, say, an Exhumer. That would be a super cool goal.

Have fun!

Take a look at this game:

Might scratch the itch.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Look nice… But no overview :frowning:

X4 Kingdoms End is coming out…

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I tried No Man’s Sky.
Hell, I sill have it, but the game lost its luster very quickly.

It’s the presence of others in a single ‘world’ that makes EvE worth playing even solo.
Actual working Markets. The hint of danger. Humans doing Human things.

In single player games, once you figure out the scripts, then there’s a surefire way to beat the game each time, and the game gets stale.

One never ‘beats’ EvE.

–EvE citizen Gadget


That and it’s in the name - CROWD Control Productions.

–Gadget is part of the IN Crowd… always IN trouble


Not quite based on Eve , though they share some similarities… Have a look at Stellaris.

Avorion on Steam.

You’re welcome.

I accept gratuities in the form of raw ISK and Geckos… I luv Geckos. Gimme da Geckos.

Stellaris LOL. It’s a TBS besides with boring combat system.

Avorion… Still no overview.