Eve broken plz create new single player server

so i’m just ganna say it. eve online is broken for me, the only test server it seems to let me on is the duaility but i cant go on it since you guys not accepting invites for camdawg03 or somthing liike that. and whats a bit bogis is 1 i’m typing this at somewhere else. 2 eve online is not working for me on steam and i belive it is time @everyone that @CCP_Phantom or anyone remember should make a single player server with cheats so that if multiplayer doesn’t work. we can play eve on the go y’know it gets boring whenever i don’t play eve or when i don’t got something to record on the YouTube and half my channel is eve:confused: but i dont know what to do man so if i cant play eve.

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can’t stop laughing, please help


or at they should make private servers for friends and stuff

may i ask:

how long have you been playing this game?
what do you mostly do in eve?
does the 03 indicate your age?

thank you.

i can guarantee you that CCP Phantom won’t pull up a single player game…


one ive been playin for about like 3-4 months, 2 ive got like 419 million isk, 3 i have a discord and youtube yknow

i just play eve and yes 03 was when i was born

i asked what you do, not how much isk you have. “just play eve” doesn’t say anything, there are hundreds of things one can do…

so, you’re 14… that makes sense. i’ll opt out, but hopefully someone else will be able to help you…


Here is that game you’re looking for.


what is it im at school so i dont know what it is

When you’re at school shouldn’t you, like, pay attention to class instead of browsing EVE forums?

See, EVE requires a certain level of intelligence that you appear to not have attained yet. Don’t feel bad about that, most of the inhabitants of nullsec haven’t either. But unlike them, you still have the chance to obtain that level by paying attention to your teacher and learning the stuff he teaches you.

Would you rather end up a illiterate, crying person complaining about things you don’t understand, or someone that can comprehend an argument and articulate himself properly?

Do what you’re supposed to do and learn. You can thank me in a decade.


The OP has reached one of the major forks in the Road of Life; let’s see what way they will take…:thinking:

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CCPlease sticky this gold. This is hilarious.


Maybe create an Alpha Server using the Thunderdome Server. Once an Alpha Player reaches a certain level of skill threshold they would be permitted to move their character to the TQ server if they want to.

Omega Capsuleer’s however would not be able to move back and forth between the TQ server, tears.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9H36GSQOLjTCABBo_j59_g here is my youtube as I was driving a nyx on supercarrier

Not sure if troll or stupid… :joy:


The one glaring thing that is broken is the OP’s deplorable lack of capital letters.

More school and less internet is what the OP needs.


what he lacks in letters, he compensates in ships!

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They say, the bigger the Ship, the smaller the… :eggplant:.

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People don’t bully the teenager… yes he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about or asking for but he’s a newbie, if he’s willing to learn lets teach a bit.

OP, what you’re asking for is both massively impractical and financially in-viable for CCP to do. Not to mention that the core gameplay of Eve is the interactions with other players, or at least the potential for them. Also CCP is never going to release their subscription based game essentially free for anyone to play indefinitely on a private server, let alone release the code required to do that.

What you’ve essentially asked for here OP, is for the toy store to not only let you borrow toys without paying so long as you promise to give them back, but asked them to set up a delivery service to get toys to and from your house at their expense.