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I have a question. I like Eve online but there is a problem with internet connection and other players. Maybe you know the game " Elite dangerous". it has 2 game mods - Solo and open play. I played only “solo” mod because internet is not enough for open play. and I like the game. I don’t need real players inside of the game to actually enjoy it. because it works just fine.
So the question. Can you add this kind of game mod? where I can do all the same but just not cross with other players. Markets, missions - it’s enough for me. I don’t return to Eve online only because of not having this mod. please check the description of the “Solo” game mod of “Elite Dangerous”.

I’d really like to return to Eve. but the issues with internet won’t allow.
Please consider adding this type of game mod in near future.

Thank you.

There is no solo in an mmo. Also, the movie was not great.:grin:

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“Markets” exist only because of other players. Mission items only have value because of other players. There is no system like in the X space game series, where everything is priced by the game and in comparison to EVE ONLINE’s market it’s boring anyway. Adapting it to solo play would be an insane undertaking for EVE ONLINE, if it’s even possible. If you want to play this kind of EVE ONLINE, you might as well just play something else which will provide you with a better experience.

That mode you are proposing, specifically no internet connection, would cause problems with cheating if characters could cross modes. So EVE would have to be single player mode, definitely not what EVE was designed for. Community is the inseparable part of game in EVE online from designers and marketing point of view, with financial implications. Few people with internet problems are not enough to justify to them costly development of solo play mode that will not bring them rise in money made, because it can be pirated.

Insert “never go full retard” meme

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No, ■■■■ off.


Elite doesnt use less data or bandwidth in solo mode. You just are instanced away from the few people who play in open.

Also, what other players do still affects you.

exactly. Other players still affects the game. but I will not see them

So basically to avoid having to play safely?

What is your reason for this mode?


To have the data, from the entire New Eden universe, saved entirely on your computer… I wonder what kind of storage requirement that would take.

ccp code about 1000tb because of all the redundant code lol

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“This is not the game you are looking for”

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But in this case… it is true. :smirk:

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