"Solo" game mod

I have a question. I like Eve online but there is a problem with internet connection and other players. Maybe you know the game " Elite dangerous". it has 2 game mods - Solo and open play. I played only “solo” mod because internet is not enough for open play. and I like the game. I don’t need real players inside of the game to actually enjoy it. because it works just fine.
So the question. Can you add this kind of game mod? where I can do all the same but just not cross with other players. Markets, missions - it’s enough for me. I don’t return to Eve online only because of not having this mod. please check the description of the “Solo” game mod of “Elite Dangerous”.

I’d really like to return to Eve. but the issues with internet won’t allow.
Please consider adding this type of game mod in near future.
Thank You.

There is no solo in an mmo. Also, the movie was not great.:grin: Double post is unneccessary btw.

I had a friend that made a solo mod of Dekaron, maybe something to think about.

Play x3 or x4 if you want to play something similar but in solo mode.

You can also play on the test server but your accomplishments would reset after every mirror and it would quickly get boring with no other players to interact with.

Are you aware the market is made by the players? The buy orders, the sell orders, the rise and fall of prices, all that stuff happens because of other players.

As long as your “mod” removes ALL player orders and only keeps NPC orders, I’d be fine with it.

As you do not need multiple posts on the same topic open, I’m going to close this one. Thank you.