[3RD Party Development] "Modding Community"

Before I state anything, this idea may be good for Eve on some points but is also EXTREMELY harmful to it

A modding community for Eve, maybe a small scale server that allows 5 or so people for testing purposes, up for rent of course.

Eve Online has many people making 3rd party tools for the game, and these tools are mostly beneficial to how the game works. The Eve team has their hands full with quite a bit of things and put off other things until it is absolutely necessary. This is where modders usually come in. When the developers can’t be bothered to do something or people feel that something needs changing, they add it or change it. There have been mods for MMOs before, and they followed strict limits so as not to hurt gameplay. Although, with Eve, I would think modding mechanics would be harmful.

Why do I bring this up?

Well, I see in threads that people want 4K scaling. This is something that CCP is not likely to do any time soon, but a modding community could add it in, maybe even SVG icons or custom Icons for the NeoCom. Basically, if a visual element would need to be changed, the community could do it themselves if the Dev team does not want to (as has been done with these forums).

What do I think should modded?

Nothing gameplay wise. We don’t need hacked Omegas or Infinite HP ships, but, this is why I suggested small scale servers for testing, so that if people want that, they can test it and the Devs decide if it should be added (for all mods).

The purpose?

The scaling for resolutions would be the beginning, to help out some people, but it go to other visual elements. Want a certain skin? Well, you can make it, and if the Dev team likes it, they could add it to the game (or have these customs skins only affect the users client.

It could also go to character customization, like adding in new models (I heard someone ask why there aren’t fat people in Eve) as well as clothing (it would need to be Dev approved so there were no nude models added in). Like a Final Fantasy characters outfit? Add it in. Want to add in the armors from DUST 514 or Valkyrie? Add them in.

And of course skins, you could make custom corp skins, or just add in a hello kitty skin, as long as it gets approved and is appropriate.

Beyond that, if the Devs decided to be really generous… A reworking of some of Eves old parts. That legacy code could be replaced something newer after extensive community testing (like the log out instead of log off and re-launch).

Also, if you have a monster system, you could add in custom, high grade graphics like ENBs, 4K texturing, multiple types of AA, Top tier shaders, etc…

Why is this dangerous?

Not everyone is a saint, they might inject in code that is malicious or abuses security holes in legacy code (or even new code)

It could break the game

And various other issues

You are giving a lot of power to people that are more dangerous than other gaming communities

Edit: How it could be done

I would hope something like Skyrim (Script Extenders), where the source code is not needed to make things work, but if Eve can’t work like that then scrap it

EVE is an MMO, Moding is explicitly against the EULA.

Not all of it was read then.

It is a way for CCP to allow for 3rd party development, CCP approved development of course, for things they don’t want to do but the community wants.

You miss the point. Mods simply aren’t allowed in EVE, because as soon as you are touching the client, it becomes dramatically harder to tell if you are touching the client in an illegal way.
Even something as simple as changing the UI can give dramatic advantage in a game, and is why Mods have become pretty much compulsory to use if you are remotely competitive or running raids in the MMO’s that allow them.

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