PvP Birthday Event "First Strike" hosted by C-Ξ-N-S-O-R


We present our PvP C-Ξ-N-S-O-R birthday event.

On 08/20/2021 we will be part of the Daily Eve for 1 year, for this reason we are celebrating our 1st birthday with you with a “First Strike” PvP event.

We meet on 08/20/2021 at “Isie * (Solar System *)” Isie V - Minedrill Mining Outpost * at 10 p.m. EU / TZ (20 eve time). From the meeting point we then continue via FLEET to a SaveSpot, where we then take positions.

The rules of the game are simple, let it rip, all T1 speedsters with faction and / or T2 modules are welcome, but simple T1 fittings are also welcome, we want to see a colorful crowd of T1 ships. No T2 or T3 -Ships please! It should fun for everyone.

The letter X will be your ship identification that evening and is then definitely part of the PVP.
x Ship name
Ships without a ship identification [ X ] do not participate in the PVP Birthday Event.

Short FAQs:
DATE: 20.08.2021
WHERE: Isie V - Minedrill mining outpost
TIME: 20;00 Eve Server Time
SHIPS: All T1 Ships with T1/T2 or Faction Modules/Rigs. Mutated modules (Abyss) allowed!

ム C-Ξ-N-S-O-R

TODAY )) 20.08.2021 // 20;00 Eve Time

Hello dear pilots, nice that you showed up, we start with a short info:
Please follow the guidelines. No T2 and T3 only plays T1.
All types of modules are allowed.

If you do not have a SHIP ID yet, please get it for tonight, it is the letter X to separate you from the participants and passers-by.

When we are on the 1st SafeSpot you can distribute yourself to other different ones (safeSpots) the event starts with a firework shortly afterwards, fire FREE.

Anyone who wants to can join the Voice Channel