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Im a returning player from 2014, back is those old days i could get pvp ( solo) video content by a section in this forum where players posted their pvp gameplay. where is this now? or is solo dead? where do the best playhers ingame post their content now?

thank you

Your best bet for solo is probably FW. If your really good probably some ESS fights, but even those are ‘solo with some alts’



Pure solo is quite hard. Most (probably all) people use scout alts. Who wants to prep a fit and die in 3 seconds to a gate camp?

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what is an ESS fight?

besides scout and giving bonuses what are alts used for now?

Yeah i know those two sites, but what i as asking were the names so i can see some fits (back in old days we had several players that posted pvp content in this forum.

i understand that is hard, but that is what i love about pvp. so besides FW what do i have? (in the old days i had null sec wars with blobs that i dont like that mutch,

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It’s probably worth checking out the eve wiki on it in case I get some details wrong, but in very general terms the ESS is basically a site in null systems that is a bank, and collects part of the money obtained by ratting in that system. Other players can steal from the bank, either by just linking to the ESS for some of the money, or using an actual key for a lot more money. When you link to the ESS it sends out a notification so everyone knows you are robbing it. The ESS itself is a dead zone that requires a gate, and you can not cloak in it, use an MWD, light a cyno, or warp out of it. So people use very specific fits to rob it, then engage the locals as they come to defend it.

You might want to check out videos by BjornBee and Grunt Kado who both have some very good ESS fights. Kado in particular flies a multitude of ships in them.

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