PVP Crib Sheet

Deep Breath. This is a flawed question but here i go … I am admittedly terrible at PVP. One aspect of my flaws is quickly assessing opponents ships on chance encounters at jump gates and such. Is there a crib sheet with info like usual speed, tracking, optimum range, ammo to use.example table this frigate is usually fit with lower Thermal Resists and get around 2.5 m/s and does roughly 5oo DPS

I know there are many permutation but i image FC have something on doctrine fits and common PVP in fleets

Ultimately, no. Not like what you’re asking. Even if you just base it on “the usual fit”, you’re still looking at an insane amount of information to parse and process in a limited amount of time. Remember, they’re evaluating you as well.

You’ll get better at pvp. Keep practicing, and keep your head up. There’s no shame in losing a good fight (even if it can get frustrating). The more you practice, the more you’ll start to remember "oh, these are generally ".

Most of us just learn the ships and how they are flown. As for damage type most ships are omni tanked and their resist holes can vary. Unless it’s a t2 ship I don’t worry about ammo type. In the end it comes down to experience and scouting.

Sounds like you could really benefit from using a local checker tool. Try any of the following:


Before you ask… yes they’re allowed. No you won’t get banned.

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feels like a necro but yeh, find yourself a way to make isk and some cheap t1 frig fits you like and just start getting out there; buy 10 or so of one fit and go and lose them all practising - this is the hallmark of most pvpers, especially those in lowsec who regularly seek out targets.

The only people that really dont have losses are the ones that dont take risks in a lot of cases, i have known people to get rid of the toons they have losses on - dont be anal about the killboards an remember, for many people they will get around 2 or 300 losses before you really start to come into your own ; and a lot of that is learning what the different ships do and how people use them.

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