How to practice pvp

how do i practice/ get better at pvp without selling my left kidney replacing ships constantly, and not really learning anything other than how it feels to be blown up?

you figure that out, let the rest of us know

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  • go on the test server with someone to practice with
  • get an income whereby you can fit T1 frigates and gradually make the fits better
  • watch videos on others that used cheaper ships to gain an bit of theory knowledge
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adding to that:

  • record your fights and rewatch the video. (OBS is a great and rather easy to use tool)
    You will see when you made what mistake and can avoid repeating them this way.

Who wins a fight usually depends on who makes less mistakes. The biggest one often is the decision to engage or stay on grid despite odds shifting against your favor.

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record your fights like someone else said. put them somewhere for more experienced players to watch an help. eventually you will be able to spot your own mistakes :). as well, search up EVE pvp commentary on youtube. generally the creators will analyse their own flying and it’s super helpful.

Stick to t1 frigates. Cheaper that way.

Find some people to mentor you. But really the only way to get better at it, is go out there and do it.

Ship loss is expected. PvP is an isk sink.

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