Where best to learn pvp?

Big alliances? Or low sec corps? Where did you all learn to pvp? And where do you think is the best way to learn?


I hate to say this but either you join faction warfare or you hop on the test server where you don’t have to worry about isk making all day.

You learn more in lowsec than in other parts of space and whenever you want to fly something else than a frigate, use the test server to try it before buying it.


Never not Big Alliances! Join a small Group, FW is a good idea to start off. Wormhole needs to much Skills for the Begin.

Make sure they focus on PvP and not Krabbing. Never not pay for lessons, some players want to take ISK from you to teach you, tell them they can go to hell…


I think you might be never not misunderstanding double negatives.


Low sec is a good place. WH space is also a decent place but for less forgiving.

Learn pvp in a null sec alliance. Join a large corporation.

Frigate ROAM fleets, there’s a few around.

Youll learn more from them than joining any corp.

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Buy and fit 10 frigates. Go to nearest lowsec/nullsec system. Shoot the first friggin thing you see. Expect to lose 10/10. If you win 1/10, you are on your way.

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Join null corp or any corp oriented in PvP. Solo frigate wont learn you much if you won’t be really dedicated to analyze your loses. Frigates go down in seconds. way to quick before rookie will understand what he do wrong. Cruisers are better for learning because they don’t die so fast and you actually can see effects of your different actions and learn from them.

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Nope! They teach you nothing or all kinds of wrong things you should never listen to.

OP I almost forgot, watch those videos and subscribe to the channel. Our frigate master pilot Suitonia is still making good content for the channel but sadly Garmon and Duncan Tanner don’t play anymore which is a huge loss for EVE Online.

Ok thanks all. FW seems to be the place to try. What videos btw? I can’t find the link.

It is called EVEiseasy on youtube.

Lowsec is best to learn PvP things. Also join fleets of Spectre fleet and Bombers bar NPSI groups. Don’t join any of the big nullsec graves.


EVE is an MMO, so it’s best to learn the skills with a group. That way you can benefit from their experience, advice and teamwork. I learned to pvp in disposable T1 frigs as the fast tackle and scout for a mercenary corp that contracted wardecs in HiSec and LoSec. My first T2 hull was an inty. In Nulsec, light dictors are my fave because de-cloaking and bubbling a ship, especially a covops frig, is a real challenge. Dropping PO bubbles is fun, too.

Start with T1 frigs and FW to get the basics down, then look for NPSI roams with groups like Bomber Bar once you have higher skill levels and some experience listening to an FC. Sneaking around in covops and bombers is a lot of fun, too. If you want to get into larger, organized fights, Nulsec is the place. Combat doctrines out there range from T1 cruiser gangs to faction fit BS’s and capital ship brawls. Support fleets in sub-caps have all of the fun.


Don’t forget spectre fleets!!

FW or Pandemic Horde depending on if you want to be in low or null

Low sec is great, but keep in mind there are mechanics at play in null/wh space that you will not be exposed too. Not the least of which is bubbles, ■■■■■■■ bubbles everywhere. I do love fw space though.


I can’t tell whether you like bubbles or hate them.

It’s a love hate thing :slight_smile: