PvP incentives

Heyo, new to pvp, lost a few dirt cheap cormorants in fw just for fun but haven’t done anything past that. Now that I’m sitting on a few bil i’d ideally like to get into pvp, but is there any incentive to do so? FW plexing is pretty under-rewarding and you need an FW corp to do well in it. Alliance sized wars are kinda meaningless at this point, plus there’s not real excitement in being an f1 monkey. Small-medium corps wars are usually just for content and nothing more too. Are there any lucrative reasons to pvp anymore, other than to add to your killboard? Thanks in advance

Wuuut? Fw is one if not the most rewarding activities .

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Combat is exhilarating.

I mean FW plexing. FW mission blitzing is rewarding but there’s no pvp involved. FW plexing is just a rock-paper-scissors game and I can make far more per hour doing pve.

PvP is in general not that lucrative. There are a few exceptions, like suicide ganking or gate camping, if done correctly.

However, you usually don’t PvP for the ISK. You do it for fun and competition.

Just like you don’t need other reasons to play Counter-Strike, other than enjoyment of the game itself.

You should be trying to PvP for the fun/thrills not the isk. Use the FW plexes to get fights and learn from them so your PvP skills improve.

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Fair enough, thanks for the replies. I’ll look into FW running for some fun. Exploration hunting also seems very very fun to me, so might spec into an astero pvp drone boat in the future since there’s some isk to be made there too.


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