PvP Proliferation of caps

Has the proliferation of caps gotten to the point that they are the main things being used to defend NS and to attack structures? I’m sub-cap rn, only 20mil sp, but might be up for buying a dread/carrier if I can get a lot more pvp from it when in a corp.


Sabres are currently the #1 ship atm according to zkill, usually they also die first but you almost always garunteed a kill each time.

Sorry, but I have no idea what that has to do with cap ships. I can already fly a sabre decently, for the reason listed above.

If you want alot of PvP going dread carrier is just going to make you sit and wait for pings rather then hunting targets.

Depends on what kinds of PVP you wanna go for.

Home defense caps are totally boring as you just jump to the cyno, launch fighters and blob on the kikis swarms.
If you like to be spodbrain and love 100:1 odds blob, it should be fun for you.
Caps in offensive ops are somewhat a thing yet though, it as well depends what a type of ops they used for.

Caps are not thrown over the structure attack unless it’s major deploy. Caps are too heavy to move onto far away; thus people usually mobilize subs to bash create daily contents.
In major deployments or wars, You will have a fun time with real caps fight but no one knows if it really happen or not.

For everything on most pvp alliance levels, yes.
If you’re not part of an actively pvp-ing alliance, subcaps are still go-to.

Ask the people you’re grouped with to see which Dreads/FAXes are most useful.

Thanks for the replies, will just stick to subcaps for now then, caps are a heavy investment. I hate playing the blob game too.

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