PvP/PvE 106m SP Pilot

(Sigyn Ormand) #1

Sigyn Ormand - character selling


*pos wallet
*no kill rights
*one Jump Clone located in Frarn (/w some implants)
*char located in Jita

Auction, starts from 60b

(Gattanera) #2

80 bil

(Maizie Fields) #3

92 bil

(Atreyu Wicked) #4

93 bil.

(Gattanera) #5


(Atreyu Wicked) #6

94 bil.

(Gattanera) #7


(Sigyn Ormand) #8


One more day and i will make a decision.

(Sigyn Ormand) #9

Sorry for late response. RL etc. Order accepted please contact me on PM.

(TxivYawg1) #10

can do 90bil, isk ready to send now.

(Gattanera) #11

I can do 93.5 bil now

(TxivYawg1) #12

i can do 94 bil now

(Sigyn Ormand) #13

Accepted. Please send ISK and acc-name.

(Gattanera) #14

Doesn’t look like the ISK was sent. I can do 94 bil as well anytime

(TxivYawg1) #15

isk and account info sent

(Gattanera) #16

Well, transfer didn’t start yet. If the seller wants to send ISK back to Txivsfdflgf1 I will do 95 bil

(Sigyn Ormand) #17

Got ISK and account info.


You should receive e-mail about character transfer being started.

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