PvP & PvE

Which do you like more?
One can be a means to an end. Both are fun or no one would do it.

Like this post if you like PvP but not PvE.

Like this post if you like PvE but not PvP

Like this post if you use one to support the other.


Like this post if you think @Clone_Nr007 will give me 1 million.:smiley:

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I enjoy PvP - just not in EVE.

I enjoy PvE - just not in EVE.

There’s no option for “Who’s just killing time waiting for CCP to hire a couple competent managers who can actually make some interesting changes to EVE?”


Ouch, ok.

Like this post if you’re waiting for better senior staff at CCP ( I’m gonna get banned I known it )


I’m going to hold on that million for a few days, :laughing:

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